Premier Maape visits Henwil Chicken – Lichtenburg

Media Statement
Sunday, 15 May 2022

Lichtenburg – North West Premier Kaobitsa Bushy Maape recently visited the
operations of Henwil at Lichtenburg in Ditsobotla Local Municipality. Henwil
Chicken operates one of the largest abattoirs in the province with a
slaughtering capacity of one hundred thirty thousand (130 000) chickens per
day. The company also owns two stores located in Lichtenburg and
Mahikeng that sells about fourteen percent (14%) of the abattoirs production.
The visit forms part of ongoing efforts by the provincial government to build
strong partnerships with business. This is also aimed at creating a conducive
environment for business to thrive. Premier Maape maintains government
alone can’t address challenges of socio-economic concern bedevilling the
“We welcome the role that Henwil is playing in the Provincial Economy. We
are all aware of the challenges that we are facing in terms of unemployment,
and youth unemployment in particular. We are here as one element of
building the Social Compact in the North West which will ensure that we see
our economy expanding, with a particular focus on all aspects of the value
chain in the agricultural economy” Premier Maape said.
Henwil has indicated that it will expand its operations by investing in the
construction of a feed mill.
“The management of Henwil has assured us that they will be diversifying
their operations through investing in a feed mill which is expected to come
into operation in October of this year. Several job opportunities are going to
be created for locals. We have also extended an invitation to Henwil to join
the Joint Technical Task Team for Ditsobotla which provides a platform for
engagements around issues of basic service delivery between the
Let’s Grow North West Together
Lichtenburg Chamber of Commerce and the Provincial, District and Local
Government representatives” concluded Premier Maape.
Premier Maape was accompanied by MECs of Public Works and Roads,
Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism
(DEDECT), Cooperative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional
Affairs (COGSTA) as well as they Mayor of Ditsobotla Local Municipality.

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