Nelson Mandela Day

Mandela Day was launched on Nelson Mandela’s birthday, 18 July, in 2009 via a majority decision by the UN General Assembly. This year marks the tenth anniversary of Nelson Mandela Day, commemorated under the theme: “Action against poverty” with sub themes: “Take Action. Inspire Change”. “MAKE EVERY DAY A MANDELA DAY.”

The initial strategy for International Nelson Mandela Day asked people to give 67 minutes of their time on the 18th of July to do good. It became clear that South Africa and the world need far greater intervention for truly sustainable impact. The new approach is focused on effective, sustainable, collaborative interventions. By working together in a global network of partnerships we can connect the needs with the resources and have far greater impact than 67 minutes from individuals.

The new strategy approach for International Nelson Mandela Day identifies 5 key focus areas for global partnerships to focus on to have strategic impact:

  1. Education and Literacy
  2. Food and Nutrition
  3. Shelter
  4. Sanitation
  5. Active Citizenship