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Vandalism and theft of road assets is irresponsible...
Wednesday, November 04, 2020

The department of Public Works and Roads has expressed outrage and disillusionment at the alarming rate vandalism and theft of road infrastructure assets taking place on the dual carriage-way from Mahikeng to Lichtenburg. Thieves have also made off with barbed-wire parameter fence, less than week after it was erected by the contractor along the road from Setlagole to Delareyville. This is one in this districts which has undergone sectional rehabilitation works. Back to Mahikeng, more than 100 meters of the steel parameter fence on both sides of the dual carriage way is already missing....[Read]
10 local businesses benefit R24m from road project...
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

It is almost the end of transport month as we begin this week by showcasing some of the projects that we successfully completed. This comes as a direct decision after cabinet decided on this year October Transport Month Theme to be “Shifting the future of Transport”. Under this theme we are focusing on transport infrastructure as we understand the role that transport infrastructure as the backbone of the economy plays in shaping the future of transport. It only makes sense that the Department of Public Works and Roads together with the Department of...[Read]
MEC appeals to contractors consider alternative building methods...
Thursday, October 22, 2020

The past two weeks have been busy for us, as I normally say, that it is Transport Month and the two Provincial Departments have been moving from District to District, following the money and implementing critical forums; that will assist in increased participation in developmental plans by all sectors and stakeholders as well as the flow of information and giving accurate, timeous feedback to stakeholders and our communities. This 2020 October Transport Month, the Department of Public Works and Roads together with the Department of Community Safety and Transport...[Read]
Department invests more than 280m in Dr Kenneth Kauda District...
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

We have been plagued by the COID 19 Virus because of it our economy suffered the most and the poor are the most affected as we see in the recent statistics of unemployment ballooning. In responding to the opening of the economy under the Risk Adjusted Strategy the President has called Government and us as implementers of policy; to focus on the following objectives of the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan: To create jobs, primarily through aggressive infrastructure investment and mass employment programmes; To reindustrialize our economy, focusing on growing small businesses; To accelerate economic reforms to unlock investment and growth; To fight crime and corruption; and ...[Read]
Bridge project helps to reconnect communities to essential services...
Tuesday, October 13, 2020

This Supplementary Budget sets out a roadmap to stabilise debt, by improving our spending patterns, and creating a foundation for economic revival. Most of our energies and resources have been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. We have quickly adopted temporary countercyclical fiscal and monetary policy measures. After the storm ends, we must work just as quickly to emerge with a sustainable fiscus. We have many strengths. These include our young and ambitious people; Our institutions, a robust and vibrant democracy, independent judiciary and our commitment to social justice progress; and our economic strengths: a diverse industrial base, a flexible exchange rate, stable inflation, and deep domestic capital markets...[Read]
Road project creates 28 job opportunities for locals ...
Thursday, October 13, 2020

The Department of Public Works and Roads together with the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, in responding to the aggressive infrastructure investment and delivery, and mass employment as we address the issue of the role of transport in the re-opening of the economy, under the Risk Adjusted Strategy, will be engaging in celebratory activities that bore economic spin offs for the different communities within the Province. This October Transport Month Mayor, we want to deal away with the notion that the Department of Public Works and Roads...[Read]
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