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22 February 2021


More than half a century ago today, the Lehari household was blessed with a baby boy. The doting parents would name him Jonas Sello. He would grow like many others in the rural South Africa.

He would have dreams and he saw himself as an aspirant footballer donning the colours of his beloved Kaizer Chiefs. That he was not able to turn professional didn’t usurp his love for the beautiful game. He started his own teams; Moeka Young Boys and later Moeka All Americans. Both named after his village.

Like many others of his era he would have numerous ideas of what he would be once done with elementary schooling.

He thought police work and a rank of a captain would be nice. Given politics of the time, the ever sagacious motherly advice changed tack towards Education. South Africa’s geopolitical landscape was changing and political freedom so long denied was no longer an abode for few.

He would participate in the student politics and his path was carved. Mayorship was to follow, then deputy chairperson of the ANC in the Province and he had found his true calling. That of serving ordinary South Africans. At Provincial level he served first as MEC for Education and now as MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management.

So how does MEC Lehari spend his birthday?

“Working”, was a short and concise reply. “Monitoring learner transport to be precise. Family time will come later”, he said.

Does he feel the burden of the years?

“Not really, I feel fine and I have energy to do whatever responsibilities I’m tasked to perform”, he said.

Indeed he still has spring on his steps. The rigours of work and the ardour with which it’s done belies the age. Felicitations of the day and many happy returns MEC Lehari.


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