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03 April 2018
Easter Road Safety Arrive Alive Major Multipurpose Roadblock at Marikana Hit the Right Note as Road Carnages Remain Low

The Easter Holidays are being commemorated countrywide annually around this time of the year; this is the time when most of the people who are working far away or outside the Province are coming home to reunite with their families and loved ones. Many church goers are in transit in and across Bokone Bophirima Province to their various religious pilgrimages hence the traffic escalation and high volume of traffic during the Easter Holidays.

It is on these basis that MEC for the Department of Community Safety Transport and Management, Dr. Mpho Motlhabane, the Head of the Department, Mme Botlhale Mofokeng and Senior Management led massive roadblocks along the N4 Marikana and later at the R53 Koster road to officially activate the Bokone Bophirima Arrive Alive Operations in order to ensure safety and incident free flow of traffic on Thursday, 29 April 2018.

The MEC together with the HOD were not only handing out road safety information brochures, pamphlets, gadgets, other promotional materials but were also interacting with road users to advise them not to drink and drive, to stick to the speed limit, to ensure their vehicles are always roadworthy, to be on the look-out for stray animals and pedestrian along the road. Pedestrians were also urged to avoid Jay walking and wear reflective clothing whenever they cross the road or walk along the roads at night, especially.

The Traffic Officers jointly with South African Police Service and other law enforcement agencies were searching the vehicles, inspecting them if they are road worthy and also checking if they have the necessary permits and documents. The MEC emphasised that the traffic officers and the SAPS will be dispatched across the length and breadth of the province's roads; national, provincial, municipality and rural roads as well at entrances and exit points of all towns and especially the capital city, during this Easter Holidays as a way of reducing the high number of fatalities on our roads.

Motorists were urged to exercise patience, keep a safe following distance, take a 2 hourly or every 300 kilometers break whichever comes first, buckle up, report bad and reckless driving to officers on duty along the different roads as well as corporate with all law enforcement officials along on all the roads.

At the end of this N4 Roadblock in Marikana the Statistics 371 vehicles were stopped of which 9 vehicles were HMV's, 240 LMV's, 104 LDV's, 18 Taxi's. The total number of summonses issued is 14; 6 for failure to produce driving licenses, 1 for failure to produce PRDP certificates, 1 for operating without a Taxi operating licence, 1 for skipping road traffic sign, 3 for driving an unlicensed motor vehicles, 1 worn out Tyre, 1 for nor displaying number plates and 1 for use of Cell phone while driving. The total Monetary value of fines issued within the two hours roadblock is: R 14 600.

Meanwhile another 34 year old male speedster operating a 330i BMW Sedan was nabbed on April Fool's Day doing 145KM/H on an 80 KM/H zone at Makokskraal on the N14 road along the Coligny/Ventersdorp road

Our Easter Road Safety operations will continue until and after the school reopening on the 16th April 2018 when traffic is expected to pick up.


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HOD Ms Botlhale Mofokeng

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