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MEC Molapisi condemns violent protest....
Thursday, January 18, 2024

MEC for Public Works and Roads, Gaoage Oageng Molapisi condemns with the strongest possible terms the ongoing violent protest at the Department's Head Office in Mahikeng. It is believed that a protest action organized by certain individuals follows an announcement to kick-start the Routine Roads Maintenance Project. Protesters are causing havoc by burning tyres in front of the main entrance and alternative gates; prohibiting officials' access to the premises, and affecting day-to-day work and service delivery. According to MEC Molapisi, "Ongoing protests is as a result of misinformation spread by individuals, hellbent on discrediting the Department and its leadership". The department recently issued a statement announcing the resumption of Routine Road Maintenance project after delays caused by administrative-related issues...[Read more]
Department to resume Routine Roads Maintenance Project...
Wednesday, January 17, 2024

North West Department of Public Works and Roads resumes the Routine Road Maintenance Project. The project implemented under the Departments’ Vuk’phile Contractor Development Programme suffered delays due to administrative-related issues as communicated last week.Addressing participants of the Vuk’phile Contractor Development Programme, MEC for Public Works and Roads, Gaoage Oageng Molapisi emphasised the importance of successfully exiting (57) participants in line with the agreed-upon exit plan; bringing to closure all outstanding issues relating to the programme and ensuring that this project is labour intensive.MEC Molapisi believes “The Department has come a long way to develop an exit plan for the current contractors. Successful implementation of the ‘exit plan’ will allow a new intake of one hundred and sixty (160) contractors before the end of the 2023/2024 financial year. ....[Read more]
Addressed by MEC Molapisi during NW Property Sector engagement...
Thursday, November 23, 2023

Key amongst the challenges is the fact that as landlords, you are failing to maintain properties you own; leading to disputes between the Department and its clients. This results in low revenue collection—a cause of concern reported at the Provincial EXCO. There is a skyrocketing rates which are proving difficult for the government to keep up. We also facing no cooperation from employees of government to pay for rental, leading to evictions and possible litigations moving forward.In line with our Budget Speech for the 2023/2024 financial year and critical to the discussion today, it is our pronouncement that we ought to consider a separate arrangement with landlords on alternative energy sources on leased accommodation due to power outages.To respond to the client’s needs during load shedding – be it through the departmental green building policy....[Read more]
2023 Mediun Term Budget speech...
Tuesday, November 01, 2023

Investment in infrastructure is central to supporting higher economic growth and expansion of access to basic services. We are seeking to facilitate a quantum shift in the quantity and quality of delivery by mobilising private sector financing and technical expertise at scale. However, the infrastructure ecosystem is plagued by challenges that undermine our efforts to fast-track delivery. Among the challenges is the lack of a credible pipeline that can attract funding, lack of sustainable financing arrangements to crowd-in private finances, and poor contract and project management to manage cost and schedule overruns. In this regard, we are amending Treasury Regulations and key elements of municipal legislation in line with the recommendations of the completed review of the Public- Private Partnerships (PPP) framework. The new regulations will be published by the time of the Budget 2024. We are also establishing an Infrastructure Finance and Implementation Support Agency...[Read more]
Vuk’phile Contractor Development Programme ‘Exit Strategy’...
Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Rustenburg- North West Department of Public Works and Roads announced the Exit Strategy for fifty-six (56) participants of the Vuk’phile Contractor Development Programme. The strategy follows an extensive consultation process with participants. Head of Department (HOD), Mr Moss Kgantsi maintains the “Department is committed to developing emerging contractors into fully fledged contractors able to execute labour intensive projects.” The exit strategy comprises of an NQF (Level 4) training certificate to be provided in partnership with the North West University (NWU). Participants will also be included in the Departmental panel of contractors’ database for a period not exceeding thirty-six (36) months. All participants will be profiled through a booklet showcasing the work of each participant throughout the programme. The HOD appealed to participants to improve their work so that there is value for money with regard to the work of each participant throughout the programme...[Read more]
Department condemns threats against officials for business opportunities...
Tuesday, October 24, 2023

North West Department of Public Works and Roads is extremely concerned about acts of violent intimidation and threats against officials. The continued threats are meted by individuals demanding business opportunities in general and participation on the grass cutting project in particular. Head of Department, Mr Moss Kgantsi said “The threats cannot be taken lightly as perpetrators are allegedly branding firearms and insult officials insisting to hold meetings without scheduled appointments”.It has been reported that a group of men arrived at the Provincial Offices demanding to see some officials. The men carrying chain and locks with the view to shut down the office, demand subcontracting opportunities on the grass cutting project; which is not at the discretion of the Department. This has had a negative impact on operations as access for employees and members of the community is prohibited. “To this end, the Department has informed the relevant authorities and the law will take its course in this regard.” said Kgantsi ..[Read more]
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