Mission and Vision


Safe communities and effective transport services.
Officials of the department must ensure that the society have access to safe transport services. All public servants are expected to act in the best interest of the public even if that means their own needs become secondary. Every single decision is made needs to be evaluated against the ethos of the Constitution. This has a different application at the various levels of government and has a particular bearing on managers at all levels.


We are committed to promote community and road safety, exercise civilian of police and coordinate transport services through an integrated approach.
My role in this mission is that I am a transport planner, I do monitoring for commuter and scholar transport buses whereby I check whether are those buses comply with rules and regulations to fairy people and scholars to different places including non- motorised transport, the movement of goods and passengers to integrate transport and spatial planning.


Client focused
Team work

MEC Sello Lehari

Acting HOD: Ms Mpho Maleme