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05 August 2023
TKCS in Botswana 2023

The Trans Kalahari Corridor Management Committee Joint Law Enforcement (TKCMCJLEO) continues to stamp authority on the corridor that starts from the Rebublic of South Africa to Namibia port of entry passed through Botswana.

The Three Member States of JLEO started with the two day information sharing session at Jwaneng, in Botswana and will continue with a week long activities, that include road safety education and distinguish the importance and objectives of TKC amongst others

Delivering welcome remarks during the information sharing session, the Chairperson of Trans Kalahari Corridor Management Committee from Botswana Mr. Orapeleng Mosigi highlighted that the future aspirations for the Trans Kalahari Corridor is to turn it into a smart corridor to operate smoothly and which requires:

. use of ICT for management and monitoring of traffic movement along the corridor . providing real time information along the corridor . providing paperless trade along the corridor . turn it into an attractive, safe and secure corridor

For his part, Mr. Eugene Tendekule speaking on behalf of Namibia Co-chair, Dr. Cedric Limbo called on three (3) Member States to align with Southern African Customs Union (SACU) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) process for harmonization trade in the region.

Furthermore, South Africa TKCS Co-chair, Mr. Segodi Mogotsi elaborated that trade within the region is as low as 15% compared to Europe, stressing that it takes four (4) days to transport goods to Europe comparing to fifteen (15) days within the region.

The three (3) Member States were also encouraged to work together to make TKC a corridor of choice.

The day was concluded with health screening and team building exercise.

The Trans Kalahari Corridor (TKC) officers from Botswana, Namibia and South Africa have embarked on joint law enforcement traffic and road safety compliance operation at Sese junction, Jwaneng in Botswana.

Botswana is currently hosting the 12th Joint Law Enforcement Operation (JLEO), that started with two day information sharing sessions, two day of road safety and law enforcement compliant operation.

The Minister of Transport and Public Works in Botswana, Hon. Eric Mothibi Molale had officiated the operation, where he called the Three Member States to join hands in an efforts to speedup developments along the corridor.

"We are hereto reaffirm our being as one people to move forward together. When we join hands with one goal and vision in mind we will achieve a lot," he said.

The Minister called on Trans Kalahari Corridor Secretariat and officials from Three Member States to publicise endless business opportunities that exists along the corridor.

On his comments, representing South Africa, Co-Chair Mr Segodi Mogotsi reaffirmed the Country's continues support and available resources for the development and opportunities. "There are developments taking place on the corridor and they place great investment from the Three Member States," he said.

The three Member States host the joint operation on rational bases to harmonize substantial cross-border procedures consistent with Regional Integration and International best practices.

The Trans Kalahari Corridor (TKC) is a road network spanning approximately 1900 kilometers across the territories of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

It starts in the Gauteng Province in South Africa and continues through Rustenburg and Zeerust in the North-West Province, through Lobatse and Kanye in Botswana, the Mamuno and Trans Kalahari Border Posts, through Gobabis, Windhoek and Okahandja in Namibia and right through to the Port of Walvis Bay.

12th Trans Kalahari Corridor - Joint Law Enforcement Operation making a good strides

The Three Member States delegates continued with Joint Law Enforcement Operations (JLEO) on its 5th day at Sese junction in Jwaneng.

Road safety education information from all various stakeholders were shared with different road users in a package form.

Law enforcement authorities ensured that all motorists and commuters comply with road safety regulations for safe and smooth operation alongside the Trans Kalahari Corridor.


The Trans Kalahari Corridor 12th Joint Law Enforcement Operation closed with the debriefing session today in Jwaneng - Botswana.

The Three Member States, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa had a week long operation and the following activities were achieved:

* Three hundred and seventy eight (378) packages of road safety messages were shared with the road users, * Promotion of compliance along the corridor.

Today's debriefing is a platform for the Member States to evaluate the week long operation, identify challenges and ways of improvement and developments towards creating a safer corridor with seamless trade.

The Trans Kalahari Corridor highway starts:

* N4 Road in Pretoria through Zeerust, South Africa connects to;

* A2 Road in Lobatse through to Mamuno Border gate, Botswana and

* B6 Road in Gobabis to Walvis Bay, Namibia #TKC


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