Social Development http://localhost/dsdwcpd Department Of Social Development, North West Thu, 30 Aug 2018 06:53:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Obakeng Sello, (third from left) pictured with his aunt receiving a house from MEC Hoffman Galeng http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/29/receiving-a-house-from-mec-hoffman-galeng/ Wed, 29 Aug 2018 12:20:28 +0000 http://localhost/dsdwcpd/?p=1977 Obakeng Sello, (third from left) pictured with his aunt receiving a house from MEC Hoffman Galeng at Wonderkop near Marikana. The house was built by unemployed youth as part of their practical training in building and construction. Their 11 month National Youth Service training was funded by the Department of Social Development.

MEC Galeng pictured handing over cheques to ten cooperatives owned by women http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/29/mec-galeng-pictured-handing-over-cheques/ Wed, 29 Aug 2018 12:07:55 +0000 http://localhost/dsdwcpd/?p=1974 MEC Galeng pictured handing over cheques to ten cooperatives owned by women as part of the observance of Women’s month the Provincial event held at Tseoge village in Kagisano-Molopo local municipality. About 1 500 women across all the district municipalities celebrated the women’s month with the authorities on 23 August 2018.

RURAL WOMEN RECEIVE FINANCIAL BOOST FROM THE AUTHORITIES http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/29/rural-women-receive-financial-boost-from-the-authorities/ Wed, 29 Aug 2018 10:49:47 +0000 http://localhost/dsdwcpd/?p=1959 North West MEC for Social Development Hoffman Galeng on Thursday handed over cheques to the tune of R6.7m to ten women cooperatives as part of the observance of August Women’s month.

Speaking to more than 1 500 women at a day long women’s month celebration at Tseoge village outside Vryburg, Galeng said many women are still faced with numerous socio-economic challenges such as unemployment, poverty and inequality.

“We will continue to provide funding to women cooperatives and NPO’s on yearly basis so that we empower women. Young girls should also be assisted in many respects,” Galeng said adding that his department has made an undertaking to set aside R3 million to supply sanitary packs to 5000 girls on a monthly basis during 2018/19 financial year.

“We have started with this initiative to restore the dignity of needy learners who without the necessary support, are at risk of absenting themselves from school and thereby reducing their chances to complete their studies.

Speaking about women abuse and dispossession of the wealth and goods of windows by family members was the last straw that every itching ear was eager to hear.

Galeng said unemployment tend to force some women to remain in abusive relationships. They choose to stay there because the abuser is the only bread winner in the family.

Galeng has called on women who might be confronted with similar circumstances to be brave and come forward to seek help and report any acts of abuse to the police.

During the event Motheo brick making primary cooperative received a cheque to the value of R510, 469. Its chairperson Lettie Moretiemang said since they registered as a woman cooperative in 2016. Before they establish the cooperative, they contributed R300 on a monthly basis to buy equipment to make and sell bricks to the community of Setlagole.

“We are so grateful to receive a financial boost from the authorities. We have struggled to have necessary resources carry on with our income generating project. We will use this money sparing to buy the equipment, drill a borehole, build an office and grow the project so that we hire other unemployed women and men,” Moratiemang said.

Pono ya Rona primary cooperative which was established by young girls from Springbokpan in Ditsobotla also received a cheque worth R956, 603 to buy hydraform brick machine and to build an office.


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WE ARE GUNNING FOR DRUG-FREE SOCIETY – HOFFMAN GALENG http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/15/we-are-gunning-for-drug-free-society-hoffman-galeng-2/ http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/15/we-are-gunning-for-drug-free-society-hoffman-galeng-2/#respond Wed, 15 Aug 2018 10:06:13 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1814 The passion, determination and drive displayed by the communities in escalating war against substance abuse and illicit trafficking have reenergised the North West Department of Social Development in its battle for drug-free society.

The department has set aside about R75 million for a total win on a war against drug addiction and efforts to turn around the lives of the people who are enslaved in drug abuse.

MEC for Social Development, Hoffman Galeng, while recapping a successful anti-drug week said, “We are proud to dispatch our newly launched provincial substance abuse forum, which will help a great deal in assisting government to eradicate the use of substance and drug abuse”. The chances of recovery from substance abuse will improved drastically from the construction of two state-run in-patient treatment centres in the province. “These centres in JB Marks and Greater Taung local municipalities are in 100% practical completion and once operationalised they will enable our people to lead a drug-free life”.

“The fight to have a drug-free society will be meaningless without full participation of the youth in our strategies to find lasting solutions, said Galeng adding that, “Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthily and safe”.

A recovered drug addict, Ofentse Monnapula, encouraged the youth to be strong-willed. “If no one forces you to lift a bottle of a beer or light a zol at gun point, then you cannot blame it on peer pressure”. You must take full responsibility of your life because few will not be as lucky as I was to live to tell a tale. Peer pressure as much as it plays a major role in influencing the youth must not be used as an excuse for indulging in substance abuse and illegal activities, concluded the emotional Monnapula.

Kgosi Mahura of Dithakwaneng village near Vryburg called on government to cut the supply from the drug peddlers. “We have departments that are capable of rooting out those who try to ruin the lives of our communities.
However it is upon us as individuals to remember that the first point of winning the war against drug addiction is never to try them in the first place.”

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MEC GALENG CALLS FOR CLEAN AUDIT http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/15/mec-galeng-calls-for-clean-audit/ http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/15/mec-galeng-calls-for-clean-audit/#respond Wed, 15 Aug 2018 09:43:13 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1807 Translation of National Development Plan (NDP Vision 2030) into measurable outcomes, Early Childhood Development, social relief of distress, food security and households profiling are some of the key areas that the department should focus on during a three-day strategic planning lekgotla, North West MEC for Department of Social Development Hoffman Galeng told departmental senior managers Vryburg on Thursday.

“The planning Lekgotla that we are having here today must put us in the right stead to come up with innovations and synergies to improve service delivery. We must improve in the way we do things. In our planning we should try by all means to remove the red tapes which normally hinder service delivery in our communities,” Galeng said, adding that managers should not settle for mediocrity and sub-standard performance in their pursuit of service delivery in all 407 wards in the province.

Other critical focus areas, Galeng said, include decentralisation of budget to departmental district offices, office space, transport services and the recruitment of people with disabilities. The three day Lekgotla, Galeng said, should also come up with ways to address problems related to procurement of goods and services, transfer of payments, payment of suppliers within 30 days, including the state of readiness of projects in the benefitting municipalities.

Galeng called on management to work together in harmony to achieve more than what has already been achieved in the previous financial years, putting the needs of young people on top of the department’s developmental agenda.

“We must all intensify our efforts to achieve a clean audit at the end of the financial year while at the same time, you deliver quality services to the people citizens of this province.”

Various organisations including National Development Agency, the South African Security Agency, representatives from Provincial Internal Audit and the North West provincial planning commission are part of the departmental strategic planning lekgotla that is scheduled to end on Saturday.

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“STOP WASTING YOUR TIME WITH BLESSERS” – MEC GALENG http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/15/stop-wasting-your-time-with-blessers-mec-galeng-2/ http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/15/stop-wasting-your-time-with-blessers-mec-galeng-2/#respond Wed, 15 Aug 2018 09:39:09 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1805 Young girls should not waste their time with “Blessers” and neglect their education, the North West government said on Monday.

“Blessers” will destroy your future. They will impregnate you and leave you alone with the burden of raising children. Do not indulge in pleasure with ‘blessers’. Some of them are older than your grandfathers. Those ‘blessers’ have already achieved many things in life. Focus on education,” North West social development MEC Hoffman Galeng said.

Galeng was speaking to young girls during his day long programme of distributing sanitary packs to rural schools in Madibogo village in Ratlou Local Municipality. About 781 learners from Mmadisebo Motsitlane primary schools and Obusitse secondary school receive sanitary packs and toiletry from the authorities.

Parents, Galeng said should not allow poverty to make them sell their children to blessers. In some families blessers do entice parents by buying them groceries or giving them money to have access to their young girls. Also known as sugar daddies, they are rich older men who give young women gifts, trips, or money, in exchange for sex.

With strongest words, Galeng has condemned the abuse of children especially young, citing that the government has all the power within legal prescripts to remove abuse children to any secure care centres or places of safety.

“We appeal to the educators here and the school principals to report all sorts of abuse to the authorities. Our social workers are also here in your schools. Perpetrators should be brought to book.

Mmadisebo primary school principal Eva Bolokang said authorities brought sanitary packs at the right when most learners needed them. She said learners bar classes during their menstruation cycles. Others she said use papers and old rags during their menstruation periods.

Needy schools in the province are still to receive sanitary packs from the authorities.

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REFRAIN FROM SUGAR DADDIES – DEPUTY MINISTER BOGOPANE-ZULU http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/15/refrain-from-sugar-daddies-deputy-minister-bogopane-zulu/ http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2018/08/15/refrain-from-sugar-daddies-deputy-minister-bogopane-zulu/#respond Wed, 15 Aug 2018 09:29:13 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1799 Girls should not waste their time with sugar daddies who have already reached the end of their lives and are about to die, Social Development Deputy Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu warned learners at the Promosa secondary school during a substance abuse awareness campaign held in the area.

On Monday Deputy Minister of Social Development Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu and NW newly appointed MEC for Social Development Hoffman Galeng visited learners to warn them about the dangers and effects of substance abuse.

“You still have a lot of good things awaiting you. Don’t waste your time with blessers. Don’t allow yourself to be abuse sexually and emotionally even at home. Keep your bodies clean,” Bogopane Zulu said to the girls who stood on their feet to make a declaration to lead a drug free life. On the contrary Bogopane-Zulu urged boys to make vows not to become teen fathers or become “Ben 10’s.

Bogopane-Zulu said alcohol stays 10 years in the system if girls take it below the age of 18. This, she said would make girls to give birth to disabled children.

Meanwhile NW’s newly appointed MEC for Social Development Hoffman Galeng said his department is more than ready provide rehabilitation service to young people who are willing to do away with drugs and substances.

“We have constructed two state-run In-patient treatment centres in this municipality including Greater Taung Local Municipality. All of these centes are at 100% practical completion. We are currently in the process of operationalizing these facilities so that our people lead a drug-free life. We have set aside amount of R74.9m to turn around the lives of our people by waging a winnable war against drug addiction,” Galeng said.

On Wednesday Galeng and Bogopane-Zulu are scheduled to launch Siyalulama outreach programme and a five year plan of action on prevention of substance abuse amongst children and youth at OR Tambo community hall in Ikageng Extension 7, NW 405 municipality.
Siyalulama translated as “we are getting better” or “reclaiming our lives” is meant for people living in the streets especially youth abusing drugs. Siyalulama prevention programme will also cover hotspots where children and youth spend time indulging in various substances.

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Newly appointed MEC http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2017/10/31/newly-appointed-mec/ Tue, 31 Oct 2017 19:05:27 +0000 http://localhost/dsdwcpd/?p=1941 Newly appointed MEC for Social Development Hoffman Galeng and Deputy Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu visited Promosa Secondary School to warn learners about the dangers of substance and drug abuse.

Sanitary Packs Distribution http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2017/10/20/sanitary-packs-distribution/ Fri, 20 Oct 2017 18:59:39 +0000 http://localhost/dsdwcpd/?p=1938 The learners of three schools in Motsitlane Village, Madibogo received sanitary packs and toiletries from the MEC

Pool Cars http://localhost/dsdwcpd/2017/10/20/pool-cars/ Fri, 20 Oct 2017 18:55:42 +0000 http://localhost/dsdwcpd/?p=1936 The department has received a pool of cars to accelerate delivery of service.