Media Statements – Social Development http://localhost/dsd Department Of Social Development, North West Thu, 07 Dec 2017 14:14:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 MEC GALENG TO OBSERVE POVERY ERADICATION DAY WITH THE RESIDENTS OF PIET PLESSIES http://localhost/dsd/2017/10/16/mec-galeng-to-observe-povery-eradication-day-with-the-residents-of-piet-plessies/ http://localhost/dsd/2017/10/16/mec-galeng-to-observe-povery-eradication-day-with-the-residents-of-piet-plessies/#respond Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:52:57 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1742 It is all systems go for North West Department of Social Development to observe International Day for Eradication of Poverty on Tuesday at Piet Plessies in Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality with more than 600 residents expected to attend the event.


The theme for the observance of International day for eradication of poverty is: “Answering the call of October 17 to end poverty: a path toward peaceful and inclusive societies.”


The main objectives of event is to create awareness on food security programmes and access of the poor and vulnerable people to basic services, showcase success stories, promote the spirit of Ubuntu among communities and further  reach out to poverty stricken households.


As part of the observance of the day, Galeng will handover humanitarian assistance in the form of grocery hampers to destitute residents in the area. Various government departments and entities will also render on-site services to the residents.


According to the demographic profile of Piet Plessies which falls within the jurisdiction of Kagisano Molopo local municipality, the total number of population is 1 655 with 220 households headed by females. Seven (7) household are headed by children under the age of 18 years. Overall unemployment rate is at 53% affecting youth, men and women.

Recent Community Survey indicated that municipalities with the highest poverty headcount in 2016, were Greater Taung at 17,3% followed by  Ratlou at 16,9% and Kagisano Molopo at the tail end with 14,8% of poverty headcount.


Chief Whips, Executive Mayors, Mayors, Speakers and members of mayoral committees from various municipalities across the province are expected to attend the event.

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MEC GALENG CALLS FOR CLEAN AUDIT http://localhost/dsd/2017/09/28/mec-galeng-calls-for-clean-audit/ http://localhost/dsd/2017/09/28/mec-galeng-calls-for-clean-audit/#respond Thu, 28 Sep 2017 10:41:51 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1733 Translation of National Development Plan (NDP Vision 2030) into measurable outcomes, Early Childhood Development, social relief of distress, food security and households profiling are some of the key areas that the department should focus on during a three-day strategic planning lekgotla, North West MEC for Department of Social Development Hoffman Galeng told departmental senior managers  Vryburg on Thursday.

“The planning Lekgotla that we are having here today must put us in the right stead to come up with innovations and synergies to improve service delivery. We must improve in the way we do things. In our planning we should try by all means to remove the red tapes which normally hinder service delivery in our communities,” Galeng said, adding that managers should not settle for mediocrity and sub-standard performance in their pursuit of service delivery in all 407 wards in the province.

Other critical focus areas, Galeng said, include decentralisation of budget to departmental district offices, office space, transport services and the recruitment of people with disabilities. The three day Lekgotla, Galeng said, should also come up with ways to address problems related to procurement of goods and services, transfer of payments, payment of suppliers within 30 days, including the state of readiness of projects in the benefitting municipalities.



Galeng called on management to work together in harmony to achieve more than what has already been achieved in the previous financial years, putting the needs of young people on top of the department’s developmental agenda.

“We must all intensify our efforts to achieve a clean audit at the end of the financial year while at the same time, you deliver quality services to the people citizens of this province.”

Various organisations including National Development Agency, the South African Security Agency, representatives from Provincial Internal Audit and the North West provincial planning commission are part of the departmental strategic planning lekgotla that is scheduled to end on Saturday.

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“STOP WASTING YOUR TIME WITH BLESSERS” – MEC GALENG http://localhost/dsd/2017/09/05/stop-wasting-your-time-with-blessers-mec-galeng/ http://localhost/dsd/2017/09/05/stop-wasting-your-time-with-blessers-mec-galeng/#respond Tue, 05 Sep 2017 10:38:26 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1730 Young girls should not waste their time with “Blessers” and neglect their education, the North West government said on Monday.

“Blessers” will destroy your future. They will impregnate you and leave you alone with the burden of raising children. Do not indulge in pleasure with ‘blessers’. Some of them are older than your grandfathers. Those ‘blessers’ have already achieved many things in life. Focus on education,” North West social development MEC Hoffman Galeng said.

Galeng was speaking to young girls during his day long programme of distributing sanitary packs to rural schools in Madibogo village in Ratlou Local Municipality. About 781 learners from Mmadisebo Motsitlane primary schools and Obusitse secondary school receive sanitary packs and toiletry from the authorities.

Parents, Galeng said should not allow poverty to make them sell their children to blessers. In some families blessers do entice parents by buying them groceries or giving them money to have access to their young girls.  Also known as sugar daddies, they are rich older men who give young women gifts, trips, or money, in exchange for sex.

With strongest words, Galeng has condemned the abuse of children especially young, citing that the government has all the power within legal prescripts to remove abuse children to any secure care centres or places of safety.

“We appeal to the educators here and the school principals to report all sorts of abuse to the authorities. Our social workers are also here in your schools.  Perpetrators should be brought to book.

Mmadisebo primary school principal Eva Bolokang said authorities brought sanitary packs at the right when most learners needed them. She said learners bar classes during their menstruation cycles. Others she said use papers and old rags during their menstruation periods.

Needy schools in the province are still to receive sanitary packs from the authorities.

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REFRAIN FROM SUGAR DADDIES – DEPUTY MINISTER BOGOPANE-ZULU http://localhost/dsd/2017/08/15/refrain-from-sugar-daddies-deputy-minister-bogopane-zulu/ http://localhost/dsd/2017/08/15/refrain-from-sugar-daddies-deputy-minister-bogopane-zulu/#respond Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:32:50 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1727 Girls should not waste their time with sugar daddies who have already reached the end of their lives and are about to die, Social Development Deputy Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu warned learners at the Promosa secondary school during a substance abuse awareness campaign held in the area.


On Monday Deputy Minister of Social Development Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu and NW newly appointed MEC for Social Development Hoffman Galeng visited learners to warn them about the dangers and effects of substance abuse.


“You still have a lot of good things awaiting you. Don’t waste your time with blessers. Don’t allow yourself to be abuse sexually and emotionally even at home. Keep your bodies clean,” Bogopane Zulu said to the girls who stood on their feet to make a declaration to lead a drug free life. On the contrary Bogopane-Zulu urged boys to make vows not to become teen fathers or become “Ben 10’s.


Bogopane-Zulu said alcohol stays 10 years in the system if girls take it below the age of 18. This, she said would make girls to give birth to disabled children.


Meanwhile NW’s newly appointed MEC for  Social Development Hoffman Galeng said his department is more than ready provide rehabilitation service to young people who are willing to do away with drugs and substances.


“We have constructed two state-run In-patient treatment centres in this municipality including Greater Taung Local Municipality. All of these centes are at 100% practical completion. We are currently in the process of operationalizing these facilities so that our people lead a drug-free life. We have set aside amount of R74.9m to turn around the lives of our people by waging a winnable war against drug addiction,” Galeng said.


On Wednesday Galeng and Bogopane-Zulu are scheduled to launch Siyalulama  outreach  programme and a five year plan of action on prevention of substance abuse amongst children and youth at OR Tambo community hall in  Ikageng Extension 7, NW 405 municipality.
Siyalulama translated as “we are getting better” or “reclaiming our lives” is meant for people living in the streets especially youth abusing drugs. Siyalulama prevention programme will also cover hotspots where children and youth spend time indulging in various substances.
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‘NOTHING CAN REPLACE OUR CHILDREN’ – EXECUTIVE MAYOR MAHLANGU http://localhost/dsd/2017/02/27/nothing-can-replace-our-children-executive-mayor-mahlangu/ http://localhost/dsd/2017/02/27/nothing-can-replace-our-children-executive-mayor-mahlangu/#respond Mon, 27 Feb 2017 08:22:14 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1531 Children should be held in the highest esteem and be allowed to grow in a secure environment, delegates at the three-day provincial children’s summit heard on Thursday.

“Our children are priceless and nothing can replace them. Our children should be held in the highest esteem because they are a gift of life from God.  They are very dear to us that we should cherish, love and allow them to grow in a secure environment,” Executive Mayor of Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District municipality Boitumelo Mahlangu told more than 200 delegates who attended a three day children’s summit in Matlosana.

In prepared speech she delivered on behalf of Acting MEC for Social Development Fenny Gaolaolwe, Mahlangu said parents should discuss issues ranging from abuse, rape, child trafficking before they fall prey of the perpetrators.

“We call on all government departments, municipalities and entities represented here to work in partnership with the department of social development to develop a comprehensive and implementable programme of action aimed at promoting the rights of children,” Mohlangu said to the applause of delegates.

The three-day summit will cover aspects such as child survival and development, care and protection of children, social security, poverty, housing, road safety, water and sanitation services.

Meanwhile Head of Department Dikeledi Mothobi said 72 children from various schools, organisations and children’s homes that receive funding from department of social development will have a say in the  programme of action to be crafted by all delegates.


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GAOLAOLWE CALLS FOR INTEGRATED SERVICE DELIVERY APPROACH AT THE SUMMIT http://localhost/dsd/2017/02/27/gaolaolwe-calls-for-integrated-service-delivery-approach-at-the-summit/ http://localhost/dsd/2017/02/27/gaolaolwe-calls-for-integrated-service-delivery-approach-at-the-summit/#respond Mon, 27 Feb 2017 08:19:52 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1529 Separate planning, lack of coordination and disintegration will always hinder the delivery of services meant to develop children, Acting MEC for Social Development Fenny Gaolaolwe told delegates at a three day children’s summit held in Matlosana on Saturday.

“We call on all government departments, municipalities and entities represented in this summit to work in partnership with the Department of Social Development so that we implement a programme of action that we have developed over the past three days here,” Gaolaolwe said adding that the deliverables cited by children would guide the development of performance plans of various government departments in the new financial year.

Stakeholders, Gaolaolwe said should work tirelessly to provide effective services and mobilise all the necessary resources to develop children if they are to have good future leaders.

Seventy-two children from various organisations, homes and schools across the province called for permanent banning of alcohol citing that many social ills are exacerbated by the misuse of alcohol and other related substances.

They said the liquor board should monitor taverns and bottle stores to ensure that children do not buy alcohol especially in villages.

Reflecting on the summit, Mbali Mzuzwane 17, from John Frylinck Secondary school in Vryburg said, “It changed my mind completely”.  “I used to think that the provincial government does nothing for the children.  The summit gave me new perspective on how society needs to care for children,” she said, adding that her wish was to see this programme extended to more children at various schools.

“Informative, innovative and how it showed latent leadership qualities among the children”’, is the impression the summit left on the mind of Sipho Nkabinde, 17 from Milner High School in Klerksdorp.  I did not pay much attention of what our rights are as children but the summit opened my eyes.  “I will not keep this experience to myself. I will share with my fellow schoolmates, friends and communities” added Nkabinde.

Gaolaolwe said representatives of government departments, municipalities and SOEs will undertake roadshows to educate children about their services in various schools.


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MEC GAOLAOLWE BUYS CLOTHES TO 95 CHILDREN http://localhost/dsd/2017/02/27/mec-gaolaolwe-buys-clothes-to-95-children/ http://localhost/dsd/2017/02/27/mec-gaolaolwe-buys-clothes-to-95-children/#respond Mon, 27 Feb 2017 08:02:42 +0000 http://localhost/dsd/?p=1527 Acting MEC for Social Development Fenny Gaolaolwe on Tuesday took it upon herself to buy new clothes to 95 children residing at Boikagong child and youth care centre, citing that children in state run institutions should be treated the same as children in public servant’s homes.

“This is a temporary safe haven owned by government. We should ensure that it benefit children greatly in terms of education and providential care for all children residing here. That is what the law requires,” Gaolaolwe said, adding that children should get new clothes at least twice year.

Yesterday Gaolaolwe accompanied the first group of 25 children to Mr Price retail store to buy clothes of their choice to the value R2000 each.  The children, Gaololwe said will be given ample time to go the clothing stores to choose and buy clothes for themselves in groups.

Children ululated and share the spirit of exhilaration for the new clothes. Judy Same (not her real name) who was among the first group that bought news clothes described the surprise visit of the MEC Gaolaolwe to the centre as a blessing them. “Because of the gesture from the authorities our centre is becoming home,” she said.

Boikagong child and youth care centre is currently providing accommodation to 95 vulnerable children who receive therapeutic services and developmental program during their stay at the centre.

A Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) is a facility that provides alternative residential care to more than six children outside the child’s family environment in accordance with a residential care programme suited for the children in the facility.

Gaolaolwe said her department will work tirelessly to provide much needed services at Boikagong which is a state-run institution situated in the capital Mahikeng.


For more information please contact the Departmental Spokesperson,

Petrus Siko on 018 388 1426 or 083 6470 668

Issued by Department of Social Development/Lefapha la Tlhabolo ya Loago

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