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HOW TO APPLY FOR LIQUOR LICENCE 1. Notice of intention to apply Advertise the application in the government gazette two weeks before the first Friday of the month. Steps for gazette
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2. Lodgment of the application

    1. Any such application shall, at the time it is lodged in the Magistrate, be accompanied by:

      A plan of premises, clearly showing:-

          The dimensions of each room;

          All doors, windows and counters(where applicable) and the means of internal and external communication lead ;

          The streets and places to which such means of external communication; and

      A description of the premises with reference to the construction, layout, furnishing, fixtures, fittings and floor covering, or, if the business already in operation, colour photos clearly depicting the above;

      A comprehensive written representations in support of the application and any determination, consent, approval or authority simultaneously applied for; and

      Such documents as Form 1 may require to be attached to the application.

3. Lodgment of fees

The applicant shall pay a lodgment fee of R200, 00 to the departmental account, the details of which are:

Account Name: Department of Economy and Enterprise Development

Bank : ABSA

Account No : 40-8595-6652

Reference : Your business name (Sec 19)


4. The receiving magistrate

a) Lodge the a with Magistrate of the are within which the business will be operating on a First Friday of the month( i.e. two weeks after advertising with the Government Printers your intention to apply for a liquor license). If the first Friday a public holiday, then the application can be lodged on the next Friday.

b) The magistrate whom the application has been lodged, shall forthwith forward a copy thereof to a designated police officer for his report.

c) Such application and any document lodged shall be open to inspection at the office of the Magistrate, and he shall at all reasonable times before it is forwarded to the secretary allow any person to inspect it and make copy thereof.


5. Objections, Petitions, or Representatives

Not later that 28days after the application was lodged with the Magistrate, any person lodge with the Magistrate, any person may lodge:-

a) a written objection to or petition against :-

b) written representations or a petition in support of, any such application with him and shall provide conclusive proof that a copy has been forwarded to :-

Such objection, petition or representations shall be lodged in duplicate, be fully motivated and shall;-


6. Filing of Police Report

Not later than 35 days after the application was lodged with the Magistrate, the designated Police officer shall lodge in duplicate, his written report and shall lodge, in duplicate, his and written report and shall, after completion thereof, provide a copy to the applicant upon request.


7. Applicant’s Reply

Not later than 42 days after the application has been lodged with the Magistrate, the applicant may lodge, in duplicate, his written reply to any objection, petition or police report and shall certify thereof thereon or in annexure that a copy has been forwarded to the to the designated police officer.


8. Forwarded of Documents to the Secretary

On the 43rd day the Magistrate shall forward to the secretary the original and the copy of the application.


9. Procedure upon grant of Application

If an application is granted in respect of premises which are suitable for the purposes of the business to be conducted, therein a license shall be issued.

For further information the liquor regulations can be contacted at:

Physical address: NWDC Building, Ground floor Cnr University & Provident Streets Mmabatho 2735

Postal Address : Private Bag X 15 Mmabatho 2735

Telephone no : (018) 387 7938)/387 7865/387 7875/387 7738 (018) 387 7890/ 387 7890/387 7921/387 7889 (018) 387 7843/ 387 7835/387 7706/387 7888 (018) 387 7706

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HOD, Mr. Lufuno Tshikovhi
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