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The Chief Directorate: Traditional Affairs one of the Chief Directorates that make up the Department of Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs. The Chief Directorate consists of three Directorates, namely Directorate: Traditional Leadership Support, Directorate: Houses of Traditional Leaders and Directorate: Anthropological Services and Research.


In the main the Chief Directorate: Traditional Affairs seeks to: provide strategic support to the institution of traditional leadership to improve governance, performance and accountability, building capacity of the institution, reviewing and strengthening the policy and regulatory framework of the institution; supporting and monitoring performance of institutions of traditional leadership and resolving disputes.

Section 211(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 provides that “the institution, status and role of traditional leadership, according to customary law, are recognized subject to the Constitution.” Further the Constitution, in section 212(1) went on to provide that “national legislation may provide for a role of traditional leadership as an institution at local level on matters affecting local communities.”

The White Paper on Traditional Leadership has as its objectives the responsibility to guide the process of transformation of the institution in order to bring about good governance and stability in traditional communities’ areas.

Section 6 of the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act 41 of 2003 provides that the national government and provincial government may put in place necessary measures to support and strengthen the capacity of the traditional councils to enable them to fulfil their functions conferred on them by any legislation.

Section 20(2)(b) of the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act 41 of 2003 enjoins the Premier to resolve disputes concerning customary law and customs that arises with a traditional community or between traditional communities or other customary matter arising from the implementation of the Act.

Section 34 of the North West Traditional Leadership and Governance Act 2 of 2005 calls on the provincial government and municipality to adopt legislative or other measures to enable them to perform their functions. Further, it enjoins the provincial Government to provide financial support to traditional councils and to monitor the work of traditional councils.

Section 35 the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act 41 of 2003 calls on the Head of Department to develop training programme for traditional councils.

Section 32 of the North West House of Traditional Leaders Act, 2009 (Act No. 3 of 2009) enjoins the provincial government, in particular, the Department responsible for Traditional Affairs to provide sufficient skills development, administrative, financial and other support on a continuous basis.

Directorate: Traditional Leadership Support

o Disbursement of grants
o Administrative and strategic support
o Procure stationery, furniture and equipment for traditional councils
o Process sitting and travelling allowances for traditional council members;
o Provide staff to traditional council offices;
o Facilitate training of traditional leaders and support staff


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