Image of the Bokone Bophirima Premier

  Hon. SOR Mahumapelo
Bokone Bophirima Premier

Five Pillars

About VTSD Programme

The North West Provincial administration called on all formal and informal business fraternities to participate in establishment of the Chambers of Commerce programme in all the Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies (VTSD) in the month of October 2016.

The VTSD Chamber of Commerce programme is amongst strategies of the 5th Administration aimed at addressing the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality within Bokone Bophirima Province

The purpose of the VTSD Chamber of Commerce is to:

a) Mobilize business (formal and informal) across the board including the private sector to contribute to VTSD provincial economic growth.

b) Facilitate engagements between government and business community on matters relating to economy and enterprise development programmes in the context of the five concretes namely

  • Agriculture, Culture and Tourism (ACT).
  • Village, Township and Small dorpies (VTSD).
  • Reconciliation Healing and Renewal (RHR)
  • Setsokotsane.
  • Saamtrek-Saamwerk.

These concretes have potential to reshape the course of sustainable development of business in the province and are an essential ingredient for the achievement of the National Development Plan.

  • Village, township, and small dorpies,
  • Sub –district (Local municipal)
  • Districts
  • Provincial

Image of the Bokone Bophirima Premier

Mec: Wendy Joy Nelson
Finance Economy and
Enterprise Development