Image of the Bokone Bophirima Premier

  Hon. SOR Mahumapelo
Bokone Bophirima Premier

Five Pillars

About VTSD

Bokone Bophirima Province’s landscape is largely of Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies (VTSD). The Provinces economy is targeted to be grown through the Agriculture, Culture and Tourism (ACT) sectors supported by critical tributaries, that is, mining beneficiation, service industries, manufacturing and green economy.

The province has targeted a 6% economic growth by 2019 through the key provincial strategic economic pillars ACT. This requires a concerted effort by all role players in order to meet this objective.

Traditionally, economic development strategies, which often focus on seeking large scale high-tech cluster development, are not necessarily appropriate or realistic for VTSD; there is a need to enhance our understanding of the alternative paths of growth that can be appropriate for VTSD development and ways that local development districts and municipalities can move down those paths.

The Province is exploring opportunities to address the economic challenges through targeted focus on development biased to VTSD approach and specifically focussing on ACT sectors through the Saamtrek-Saamwerk philosophy.

Through the Forum, the Province will be providing a platform to investigate how innovation, science and technology can be deployed in ways that will contribute to inclusive growth in VTSD areas. This will assist the province in ensuring that there is promotion of sustainable growth within the targeted VTSD’s through stimulating the ACT sectors.

Image of the Bokone Bophirima Premier

Mec: Wendy Joy Nelson
Finance Economy and
Enterprise Development