About Us

On the 01st of July 2014, the Premier of North West Province, Honourable Ramoeletsi Supra Mahumapelo announced at the Provincial Legislature about the era and changes that are going to befell our Province in referral to the Departments names and the new Provincial Executive appointees.This saw the Premier proclaiming the newly established stand-alone Department of Tourism in the North West, led by Honourable Desbo Mohono.

This announcement was history in the making in a sense that in the entire country throughout all other nine provinces, the North West Department of Tourism is the only one operating as a stand-alone department without been paired with other departments like in all other provinces. This Department draws its Mandate from the mother body which is the National Department of Tourism and is governed by the Tourism Act, 2014 (Act No.3 of 2014). The Department is tasked with a core mandate of creating conditions for the sustainable growth, development and most importantly transformation of Tourism in the North West Province.

Our Province

The North West Province which is mainly dominated by rural and fallow land is a perfect location for any tourist in the entire world. The province is dominated by Tswana speaking people with smaller groups that includes Afrikaners, Sotho and Xhosa speaking natives with English used as a second language. Majority of the people are Christians with other religions also been practised as well. The Province offers a range of activities that will capture the imagination of the nature’s lovers and those who like to be thoroughly entertained while at the same time enjoying the cuisine that is offered in most of the hotels, bed and breakfasts and many other places that are on offer.

The Province is divided in four districts namely Ngaka Modiri Molema, Dr.Ruth Segomotsi Mompati, Dr.Kenneth Kaunda and lastly Bojanala. All these districts have tourist’s attractions that are second to none and continue to steady and compete with the economy of other provinces like your Gauteng, Cape Town and possibly Durban. In hindsight one can just name - drop a few of our internationally acclaimed sites that are world-wide renowned to lure the who’s who of the Tourism industry.

We pride ourselves with the following; the Majestic Sun City, The Historic Taung Skull, The Hollow and Shallow Vredefort Dome, the cutting edge scenery of Pilanesburg Game Park that comprises of the big five.This is but just a tip of the ice bergs. Visiting the North West Province will leave you mesmerised and surely gasping for more. Our flora and fauna continue to be head above the rest and we pride ourselves as the Department of Tourism in making sure that the legacy continues. Once the bug of the province hits you, you will forever be visiting these shores of our beautiful province.


Leading a dynamic, sustainable, diversified and vibrant Tourism sector for the North West Province.


To lead and grow a dynamic, sustainable,diversified and vibrant tourism sector for the North West Province through :

  • Promoting Partnerships and Collaboration with all key stakeholders, in particular the private sector;

  • Promoting cultural and heritage tourism in the North West;

  • Strengthening Institutional capacity;

  • Promote corporate and cooperative Governance;

  • Branding and Marketing of North West Province as a tourism Destination; and

  • Creativity and Innovation