Date: Monday, August 14, 2017


Ladies and gentlemen, one thing I have learn from the ANC is that once you are appointed, you hit the ground running from the first day. Therefore, I want you to regard me as your colleague. I’m part of team Public Works and Roads. I may have been appointed by the Hon Premier to come and serve in this department; however I want you to note that I’m not a trained policeman who came here to police you. I’m not a qualified judge who is here to judge you.

I was appointed to come and serve the people of Bokone Bophirima. I won’t be able to fulfil the mandate given to me by the Hon Premier if we don’t work together. We all have the responsibility to make the best out of the huge challenges facing this department.

Bokone Bophirima is a very rural province with a lot of dilapidated infrastructure but with limited budget to address such challenges. However, as qualified as you, we need to find a way within this limited resources at our disposal.

During my interaction with the department when I was serving at the portfolio committee at the legislature, I noted the efforts that this greatest team was trying to put in to rebrand reposition and renew the people’s province of Bokone Bophirima. You are working in one of the toughest department which is under public scrutiny. One understands the pressure you are facing on a daily basis to deliver services to our people. I’m here to join you to push forward with bettering the lives of our people.

We need to work together to change the negative perception that our people are having about this department. We need to ensure HOD that our communication directorate does more to put forward some positive aspects of this department. What always read is how many officials were suspended or fired from department for fraud and corruption. On my first day interacting with the department, I was told about the SIU report instead of the performance report. We must preoccupy our mind and soul to direct our energy to some positive spin offs.

Therefore, HOD together lets change the image of this department. Let us limit the high level of litigations facing the department. Take me along, make me part of you, let us together captain this ship to the right direction no matter how strong is the wind in this ocean.

I will however work with the one who one to work with me. The one who is willing to work with me is the one who respect the law, is the one who respect authority and is the one who respect the resources of the state. We need to understand that the money appropriated to is meant for the poor. Whatever we do, any services we deliver to our people, the must be value for money.

HOD what do I expect from this session? Only one thing, improved performance from the first quarter, hope that is not too much to ask from you. I have noted the concluding statement from the former MEC that the performance by the Department was poor, not only on the APP performance but also on the other departmental benchmarks such as responses to community issues logged via Setsokotsane and other forms of communications. We need improved performance on the EPWP programme as key component of job creation and ensure that we diversify on the kind of programs that we are unfolding.
On Thursday we will be appearing before the portfolio committee to brief the committee on our first quarterly report for 2017/18 and the first draft Annual Performance Plan for the 2018/19, a clear indication that at the centre of everything we do, we need to perform as per our target. We set those targets ourselves; therefore we need to achieve them without any excuses.

We are implementing infrastructure projects for other sister department, we have to improve coordination with those department to ensure synergy in the roll out of the projects. We need to stop a blaming game where those departments are accusing us for non delivery and we blame them for non-cooperation.

As part of the recent EXCO lekgotla resolution, HOD need to compile a capacity building for approval on all key posts to ensure that we are ready for massive infrastructure roll out as we will be the infrastructure hub of the province. The bottom line to all this is maximum performance. All critical posts must be filled as a matter of urgency.
Much will be outlined as we engage each other at the SMT meeting which will take place soon.

I wish you a fruitful engagement for these two days; hope you will register an improved progress. I will have an opportunity to engage with you on a one to one session to be taken on board by each directorate.

I thank you



Issued by Communication Directorate
Contact Person: Matshube Mfoloe
Contact Number: 018 388 4451