Department joins the shout against abuse of women and children...

Date: Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The department, through the Bojanala District office, joined the fight against women and children as it held an interactive session commemorate the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Aginst Women and Children. Themed ‘Count me in: Together Moving A Non-violent South Africa Forward', the campaign aims to encourage members of society, especially men to join hands with government in the fight to curb violence against women and children.

The country saw many cases over the years but 2017 highlighted a shocking number of women as well as child violation and murders. Many of these were at the hands of their boyfriends or men they knew. During Child Protection Week this May, statistics revealed that at least one in three children in South Africa experience violence while one in five children of school-going age experience sexual violence.

Chief Director: Corporate Services, Mmabatho Mfikwe said the purpose of the day was to take responsibility as the department by contibuting in making a difference towards getting rid of women and children abuse in the society and the workplace. “The theme this year means that we are not leaving anyone behind. Jointly, we are ending this cruelty by raising awareness against the negative impact this violence and abuse has on women and children,” Mfikwe said.

She said it was important not only to be recognised as an infrastructure department only, but to also show responsibility for the communities the department serve.“As we commemorate this day, we should pay tribute to those who lost their lives this year. Yet at the same time, we should take note of landmark cases where perpetrators were refused bail and some sentenced as a sign that the justice system is working towards eradicating this scourage of women and child abuse,” Mfikwe said..

“One of the most difficult things is not to change society, but to change yourself,” MEC Mmule Maluleke quoted the late former President Nelson Mandela. This she said to encourage men and women to be willing to change their attaitude first before attempting to change those of others. “Most violent and abusive offences may be done by men, however, in some cases women would have played a role in it through provocation. What I urge you to ask yourself is, while government is making efforts to ensure women are protected against further abuse through retraining orders and other means, what are you doing as a woman to protect yourself and those around you,” Maluleke quizzed. .

Referring to the types of abuse that were highlighted on the day, in jest, she said that she will regard non-performance of male employees emotional abuse on her as she we will be assesses on the overall perfomance of the department. Maluleke also encouraged male colleagues to learn to restrain themselves and walk away from situations when they realise they are being highly provoked. She said that this can save one from acting violently against the other. “A moment of patience in a moment of anger, prevents a thousands of regret”, she said.

She said that anger often starts from home. “How we raise our determines the amount of anger our children grow up bottling inside. We need to be very careful of our behaviour, actions and language in their midst as parents,” said Maluleke.

Furthermore, sge said that anger builds up among abused women as well as men being scolded time and again at home. She added that this often led to angry and unapproachable women and non-performance of men in the workplace. Maluleke reminded those at the event that although everyone has rights, those right have responsibilities attached to them. “This 16 Days period should not be taken advantage of by women against men, but they should act appropriately without provoking men,” she concluded.


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