Unemployment Graduates Programme
Graduate unemployment is one of the biggest challenge facing our country and in particular the Peoples Province of Bokone Bophirima. This can be defined as unemployment amongst people whom despite having a post matric qualification find it difficult to enter formal job market, either due to absence of information or access to it.
In responding to the challenge faced by young people, the government of Bokone Bophirima came up with an initiative of establishing database for unemployed graduate to determine the kind of skills the province has versus those required by the job market. This allows the province to intervene with the endeavour to the rate of unemployment experienced by young people.
The MEC for the Finance, Economy and Enterprise Development pronounced on the establishment of unemployed graduate database during the tabling of her budget and policy speech for financial year 2014/15. The Department has started the process to have unemployed graduates in the province register on this database.
This database also aims to support the ambitions of the National Development Plan’s of job creation and poverty alleviation.
The database is administered by the Department of Finance, Economy and Enterprise Development and will be utilised by all provincial government departments through their learnership and internship programmes.
Officials will use Setsokotsane as their soundboard to collect information of the unemployed graduates by issuing forms to youth without access to the internet. Furthermore the department will disseminate information through electronic media, print, local municipal offices to those whom the department could not reach during Setsokotsane.