About US

The separation of the North West Department of Finance from the Department of Finance and Economic Development took place in August 2005 as a result of the provincial government cabinet reshuffle.
After the split, the mandate of the Department has been re-aligned to the finance portfolio only, and it is the management of the Provincial Treasury to ensure that financial resources allocated to the North West Province are employed effectively and efficiently to the benefit of the people of the province.

The separation of these two critical functions affords us the opportunity to focus solely on the management of public finances. There is indeed, a scope for us to facilitate the improvement of financial management both at provincial and local government levels.
Improved financial management includes quality spending of our scarce resources by government departments. We plan to strengthen the resource control unit in the Provincial Treasury to ensure that we monitor spending throughout government departments and municipalities as far as infrastructure and accounting thereof is concerned.

We are also planning to introduce a project and contract management unit to advise departments on planning and designing of project business plans and the management of contracts.
Furthermore, we strive to improve quality of financial management and reporting so that departments in the province can attain unqualified audit opinion.

We believe that attaining quality audit opinion by all departments is feasible, and will promote our credibility as a department and government regarding implementation of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), the department will roll out capacity-building programmes in the new financial year.
We really want all municipalities in the North West Province to manage their financial affairs prudently because the challenges of service delivery are huge, and require all available resources to be employed effectively towards service delivery.

The department is highly convinced that prudent financial management and the application of internal control measures will, to a large extent, close all opportunities for fraud and corruption affording us therefore, the opportunity to direct all our resources towards improving quality of life of our people.
To attain all our objectives, the department is determined to ensure that all departments comply with the tenets of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).

Our Legislative Mandate

The mandate of the department, which is derived from the legislative framework, is that of the provincial resource controller in the province. This means that the department is the custodian of public resources and therefore has the responsibility of managing such resources in accordance with the prescribed legislation.


The following values, which are derived from the constitution, underpin activities of the Department of Finance




We will be the ultimate financial management authority and adviser on fiscal matters to Bokone Bophirima Provincial and Local Administration in pursuit of transparency, good financial management and accountability to all our stakeholders.


To provide leadership in the management of public resources for efficient, effective and economic service delivery through well coordinated support to Provincial Departments, Public Entities and Municipalities.