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A growing, diversified and prosperous economy in the North West Province.


To achieve the development and growth of a well coordinated, vibrant, diversified and sustainable economy that will create jobs and eradicate unemployment in the North West Province.



The mandate of the Department, which is essentially derived from the existing legislative framework, remains that of leading economic development and growth in the North West Province, inclusive of tourism development and promotion. In the light of the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy adopted by all stakeholders at the Provincial Growth Summit during August 2004, the Department has found it necessary to realign its strategic focus so as to position itself and its agencies strategically in order to lead the North West Provincial Growth and Development Strategy. This mandate is informed by a myriad of pieces of legislation and development policies, some of which are listed below

  • The RDP White Paper;
  • The Constitution of South Africa, 1996;
  • The National GEAR Strategy;
  • Liquor Act, 1989;
  • The North West Gambling Act of 2002;
  • The Public Service Act, 1994;
  • The Public Finance Management Act, 2000;
  • The Public Service Regulations, 2001;
  • The White Paper on transformation of the Public Service Delivery (Batho Pele) 1997;
  • The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000;
  • The Cooperatives Act (2005)
  • The National Spatial Development Perspectives (NSDP)
  • Small Business Act, 1995 (currently under review)
  • Provincial SMME strategy
  • North West Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (2004-2014),
  • North West Spatial Development Initiatives Strategy,
  • Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act,
  • Rural Development Strategy including Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Strategy,
  • Urban Renewal Strategy,
  • Macro-Economic Reform Strategy,
  • Integrated Manufacturing Strategy,
  • National Industrial Policy Framework,
  • Cooperatives Development Bill,
  • White Paper on Tourism Development, 1996




HOD, Prof. Thabo Thekiso.
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