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01 June 2019
Warm welcome for MEC Sello Lehari

The management and staff of the department have congratulated Honourable Sello Lehari for his appointment as Member of the Executive Council (MEC) for the department of Community Safety and Transport Management. This comes after the Premier of the North West Province, Professor Tebogo Mokgoro, announced the new Provincial Executive Council (EXCO) for the 6th administration on Wednesday 29 May 2019. MEC Lehari is the proverbial, new pilot on-board COSATA 2019-2024 flight.

MEC Sello Lehari brings with him a wealth of experience spanning a period of over 20 years working in government, in general. He has worked as a teacher after graduating from Moretele Teachers College in the early 90's. He then became a Ward Councillor and a mayor of Moretele Local Municipality respectively. Since 2016 he was appointed in the 5th Administration as the MEC responsible for the Department of Education and Sport Development.

Today, 31st May 2019, MEC Lehari's had a warm 'meet and greet' session with the Departmental Management Committee (DMC) to officially get to address the senior managers as well as set the tone for his tenure in the department as his journey in the department as a leader, father figure and overall authority begins in earnest.

Like a seasoned Executive Authority MEC Lehari didn't waste time but declared his passion for unity and working together. He went on to declare; "I am a Christian and a proponent of unity. I will meet former MEC Motlhabane for a political debriefings and I will continue from where he left off. I am not here to target people. We have accepted that we are under Section 100 (1) administration and will corporate with the intervention team to shorten their stay here. But there should be consultations between the Administration Team and the Head of the Department on everything. I, personally, will never insist on anyone doing wrong and unlawful things. I won't undermine you, as you are officials and experts in your responsibilities. So, do only that which is possible and what is lawful. I am an approachable person generally and like engaging people." Declared MEC Lehari.

MEC Lehari demonstrated his passion and support for positive attributes such as discipline, honesty, loyalty and commitment. But also took a swipe at negative characterisations such as maladministration, disrepute, insubordination, groupings. He advocated for respect, accountability and cordial relations amongst employees and managers, to exist.

He issued marching order already; "I will meet urgently with North West SAPS Provincial Commissioner to request her to intervene on drugs and weapons in schools. We will focus our resources on crime and all hotspots. The Department's work and performance must be profiled and marketed. Our meetings must be short. Consultation is key. Weekly meetings between MEC and HoD office is crucial to ensure smooth and effective implementation by departmental programs.

Head of the Department Ms Botlhale Mofokeng congratulated MEC Lehari and reiterated that it is indeed an honour to the entire department to have a person with such vast knowledge, skills and talent. Ms Botlhale pledged that team COSATMA is prepared to give the MEC the 150%, full support he deserves and is looking forward to the best stewardship of the Department by MEC Lehari.

"MEC Lehari, your message did hit the nerve, it hit home, hence, we are encouraged and emboldened. We promise that we are battle ready and the service delivery machinery well oiled. We will have to stop being pretentious but become realistic and self correct, as we are willing to be led and guided by you the Chief Steward. The department of Community Safety and Transport Management remains committed to President Ramaphosa's "Thuma Mina" program with a "Khawuleza" thrust." wrapped-up the Acting Head of the Department, Mr Molefi Morule.

The Head of the department, Ms. Botlhale Mofokeng who is still on sick leave had also attended this important 'meet and greet' session with the MEC Sello Lehari.


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