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11 August 2021

Debushing activity in dipuding.

The forged partnership between the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management and different stakeholders is currently bearing fruits, following the debushing activity.

Community members and different stakeholders including the hosting Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality, Neighborhood Watch, Department of Correctional Services, Department of Justice, Department of Public Works and Roads, Department Arts, Culture, Sport and Recreation, South African Police Services, Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism came in numbers this morning to clear areas that are currently used by criminals.

Department's Director for Crime Prevention and Partnerships, Ms Florance Nchoe says the Department is intensifying efforts to fight crime by engaging communities. "We are working on an integrated effort to create a crime free environment for our communities.

"We will continue forging partnerships with other Government Departments and Municipalities in implementing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) programme, this is being done through the de-bushing, clearing of grass and shrubs, as well as walk-ways at identified crime hotspots in many communities," said Ms Nchoe this morning.


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HOD Ms Botlhale Mofokeng

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