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19 November 2020


“We are not going to be tolerant for any deviancy this coming festive season”, declared MEC Sello Lehari. Senior management of law enforcement in the Province were briefing the MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management on festive period plans. The joint operational plans seek to ensure rules and regulations are adhered to by road users during this festive period.

The plan is a multi-thronged strategy to ensure anyone who will be traveling on any arterial route in the Province between now and the end of January next year adheres to road rules. As explained by North West Road Traffic Management Director, Paul Stone, the strategy aims to “save lives by halting the increasing trends and road traffic deaths and injuries”.

“Last year the Province did well by keeping figures down. We aim to do better than that and yes we can, if we all could pull towards one direction. Both law enforcement and road users”, said MEC Lehari.

His optimism is accentuated by figures of the last three years which showed downwards trends. The Province recorded over one thousand fatalities in 2017 and over 50 less the year later and almost 200 less last year.

Though comparatively speaking with sister Provinces that have almost the same traffic size and stretch of routes, “we did not do as much as we know we can. This time our intention is to be all over the Province”, MEC Lehari said.

Among human factors identified as major contributors of the road crashes are high speed for circumstances, imbibing, unsafe overtaking, fatigue and overloading. MEC Lehari ordered that law enforcement be applied stringently to “save lives and there should be zero tolerance” for reckless driving.
Specifically, MEC Lehari ordered traffic officer to be on the lookout for violations such as jaywalking, use of mobile devices whilst driving, speeding, reckless driving, drinking and driving, and vehicles that are not roadworthy.

Over 700 officers will be on all routes and there will be joint operations with neighboring Provinces of Gauteng, Northern Cape, Free State and Limpopo to ensure “law and order prevails” as MEC Lehari summed the operational plan.


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