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04 September 2021

U-turn on the N4 takes driver's life.

A light motor vehicle driver was declared dead on the scene, after an attempted U-turn on the N4 and hit a heavy motor vehicle. The two vehicles were travelling in the same direction when the collision happened.

Two passengers from the light motor vehicle sustained serious injuries and were rushed to the hospital, while the heavy motor vehicle driver survived unharmed.

The MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari reacted with shock to the news received regarding the accident.

“Every week we hear news of our loved ones who pass on our roads. Every week we are told that a tragic accident has claimed live(s). What is it that we are doing wrong? Please help us understand.” said the MEC. He continued to send condolences to the families who lost their members.

“It seems like life has become shorter lately. Please accept my condolences on behalf of the department. We wish you strength in your time of grief.” MEC Lehari added.

He further pleaded to road users to comply with road rules and stop being reckless on the road.

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