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13 June 2019
Setlagole Accident Leaves a Man Dead, Avoiding to Hit Animal-drawn Cart

Setlagole accident leaves one man dead and another, slightly injured after the driver of the vehicle tried to swerve the car off the road to avoid hitting an animal-drawn cart.

A VW Sedan with a driver and one passenger lost control, overturned and killed one person around 19h00 this past weekend along the N18 from Kraaipan after the driver of the car was trying to avoid hitting a slow donkey cart driven along the N18 road. Whilst the driver survived with slight I juries, the passenger was declared dead at the scene by paramedics who attended the scene.

MEC Lehari sends his condolences to the family and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured driver.

"Operators of animal-drawn carts should avoid driving along the main road, especially during the night. All people operating these carts should, at least, wear reflective clothing and also have reflectors installed to the body of their carts. But our drivers too should drive carefully and with a reduce speed when approaching a build-up area. They must always be on the lookout for pedestrians, stray animals and animal-drawn carts using or crossing the road. This will help to avoid accidents of this nature". Warned MEC Sello Lehari.

Meanwhile, a case of culpable homicide is being opened by the Setlagole Police who are ceased with further investigations.


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