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24 June 2019

MEC Lehari's Department Explains the Rational to Postpone the Mahikeng Airshow

Several letters were written by the Community Safety and Transport Management Section 100 Administrator, Mr Nqaba Nqandela to request a postponement of the 2019 MAMCo organised Mahikeng Airport Airshow.

This follows a notice from the Airport Company that it has already set aside a date for the 2019 Mahikeng Airport Airshow and had sought the department for funding and finalisations of preparations to that effect.

In the notice letter from Mahikeng Airport Management Company (MAMCo) they indicate clearly that they are requesting for an engagement and to conclude on holding a MAMCo BEAUCHAMP PROCTOR FLYING CLUB AIRSHOW on the 22nd June 2019. MAMCo and or department cannot unilaterally conclude on the schedule, participants, invitees, stakeholders, form, size and shape of the event without the department being consulted and agreeing upon.

The GD Montshioa (previously Mafikeng) Airport Airshow needs to be postponed to a suitable date to be agreed upon by both parties, i.e. the department and MAMCo. The Department has to partake in the entire event with a view to assisting in making same to become a success. There is a need to formally notify and brief the Minister, the Premier of the North West Province and other relevant stakeholders about the event and get their buy in, more especially that (since) the Department is under administration in terms of Section 100(1)(b) of the Constitution Act No 108 of 1996.

Subsequently, in the meeting held on the 12th June 2019 between MAMCo Executives and the Department Community Safety and Transport Management, the two parties agreed to approach the Air Show South Africa, requesting for the postponement of the Air show scheduled for 22nd June 2019. This was also followed by a formal letter from the Department dated the 12th June 2019 referred to above.

To that extent, "We hereby reiterate the position of the department, as communicated both in the meeting and the letter of the 12th of June 2019, that the Airshow should be postponed, pending further discussion between yourselves and the department". Stated the letter.

"In line with the commitment to further engagement, the Member of Executive Council (MEC) responsible for Department of Community Safety and Transport Management therefore requests a meeting with the Executive Management of Roucomm Systems as follow: Date : 25 June 2019, Time : 09h00, Venue: MEC’s Boardroom (Tirelo Building). Thanking you in advance". Concluded the letter.

MAMCo/Roucomm Systems, Beauchamp Proctor Flying Club and Aviation Central management have subsequently ran a social media notice to this effect. The postponement news were, however, received with mixed feelings by the community members who seemingly had already purchased Airshow tickets and or were enthusiastically awaiting the 2019 event.

MEC Lehari has however committed to start these engagements in earnest, sooner rather than later, and a way forward will be carved to ensure that the matter is attended to adequately and favourably.


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