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22 November 2022
Provincial Transport Forum key to transport challenges in the province

The department of Community Safety and Transport Management held 3rd quarter Provincial Transport Forum in Wolmaranstaad, Maquassi Hills Local Municipality.

'The purpose and objective of the Forum is to meet with all stakeholders within the province including the Department of Transport (DoT) to discuss challenges encountered by the province and come with recommendations and decisions to eliminate the challenges. The recommendations from the forum will then be forwarded to relevant authorities for decisions making and implementations.

Transport as a heartbeat of the economy and it must operate smoothly to deliver goods and commuters to different destinations, and it must be in a roadworthy condition to perform all this tasks.

Different stakeholders from all three spheres of government be it, National, Provincial and Local were gathered in Wolmaranstaad to discuss the transport issues they are facing in their respective places and came up with the recommendations that are in line with their districts transport mandate and regulations.

Sub-directorate Transport Planning and Policy Development under Transport Operations Directorate coordinated the successful forum.

All the stakeholders will gather again early 2023 for the same initiative, Provincial Transport Forum in the last quarter of 2022/23 financial year, at the district to be announced in the due course.


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Sello Lehari

Acting HOD: Mr Molefi Morule

Acting HOD:
Mr Molefi Morule

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