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05 October 2020


The Moleme family in Swartdam outside Makapanstad is appealing to anyone with information to assist the police to find their abducted son Mojalefa. The 39 year old businessman was allegedly abducted from his house on Sunday last week and has not been seen since.

According to the family, Mojalefa Moleme had earlier before his disappearance been in a recriminatory disagreement with some people.

The group of people who allegedly are also business people were looking for opportunities locally.

There is a road construction project in the locality and allegedly the group demanded to be subcontracted.

Mojalefa Moleme according to family remonstrated with the group and said only local businesses should be considered should any opportunities exist. It was thereafter according to the family that Mojalefa disappeared on last Sunday night.

As MEC Sello Lehari was visiting the family, a group of local residents protested and demand speedy investigation into the matter. MEC Lehari appealed for calm.
“I can imagine the pain the family is going through. I can imagine your frustration of not knowing. But please be calm and allow law enforcement to investigate unhindered”, pleased MEC Lehari.
Accompanied by Moretele Local Municipality Mayor Andries Monageng and several Members of Mayoral Committee, MEC Lehari assured the family that law enforcement will do all it could to ensure Mojalefa Moleme is found.

“We hope and pray for Mojalefa’s safe return. We asked for the community to assist with whatever information however innocuous it may seem, to share with law enforcement to expedite investigation”, said MEC Lehari.


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