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24 April 2017

38-year-old woman driver arrested driving at 198km/h

North West Traffic Authorities have arrested a 38-year-old woman who was driving at the speed of 198km/h on a 120 zone.

North West Traffic Authorities have arrested a 38-y ear-old woman who was driving at the speed of 198km/h on a 120 zone.

A Mercedes Benz woman driver was arrested on the N4 at Mooinooi around 09H15 today.

Community Safety and Transport Management MEC, Dr M okgantshang Motlhabane complimented the traffic officials who arrested the driver. “We are making success on removing these suicidal drive rs off our roads.

We must clampdown on all reckless drivers on our ro ads. Speed kills and we are not going to allow more blood on our roads because the sad part about these speedster is that they end up taking the lives of innocent people by causi g accidents,” sai d Motlhabane.

On Saturday, over the Easter weekend, a 36-year-old woman driver was also arrested driving at 171km/h on a 120 zone. The woman was driving a BMW Z4 on the N14 along Vryburg to Delareyville road.

MEC Motlhabane said traffic officers will continue utilising speed cameras in all major roads of the province and anyone who takes a chance will be caug ht, fined or arrested. He hoped that the courts upon convicting these criminal successfully will im pose stiffer sanctions that will serve as a deterre nt to this rampant speeding.

“Those who want to commit suicide must not do that on our roads and we will do whatever it takes to put them behind bars,” warned Motlhabane.

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