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04 August 2020


The MEC for the department of Community Safety and Transport Management Sello Lehari accompanied Acting COGTA MEC, Boitumelo Moiloa to meet the leaders of the Ramotshere Moiloa communities following unrests. The residents had been up in arms for lack of service delivery in the municipality.

According to the community leaders they found themselves with no option but to draw Provincial Government intervention through disruption as they accused the municipality of lack of decisiveness.

Among other issues raised by the community, are that law enforcement fueled the situation by arresting community members randomly instead of picking those people who broke the law.

One of the leaders said of the 800 or so picketing people, none was violent. However the looting happened elsewhere and all those were not part of the marchers.

In addressing the leaders, MEC Lehari emphasised the importance of compliance with lockdown restrictions.

“Public gatherings should be avoided in compliance with Covid-19 regulations”, said MEC Lehari.

MEC implored leaders to ensure their members desist from destruction of public buildings.

“Law enforcement was left with no choice but to ensure that everyone who breaks the law is arraigned so please ensure that as you raise your concerns, everything is done within the confines of the law.” Everyone who breaks the law will be arrested. Clearly some of our communities still need education in compliance with the lockdown regulations”. Said MEC.

Among other immediate interventions committed was to: "putting the municipality under section 139 administration following allegations of instability. The Provincial Government will also assist the municipality to pay the Eskom debt which has led the utility to plunging the area into darkness due to non-payment of electricity. This, however, will be done through equitable share which the Treasury is processing." Concluded MEC Lehari.

The sporadic protests have ended and normalcy expected to return to the otherwise stable Ramotshere Moilwa Local Municipality.


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