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20 February 2019
Motlhabane concerned about non compliance of police officers on duty

Police officers on duty at Mogwase and Sun City police stations were caught by surprise when the Community Safety and Transport Management MEC Mpho Motlhabane visited the stations unannounced.

The unannounced visits which were intended to assess the level of service delivery provided by the stations and compliance were part of the MEC’s activities during the official launch of the Safety Month.

On his assessment, MEC Motlhabane found that there were serious challenges of resources and non compliance of members on duty. Upon arrival at the Mogwase police station, MEC and Departmental officials found the police casually standing outside not wearing their protective gears (bullet proof vests).

“Our first analysis on arrival was non compliance of officers on duty who were not wearing their bullet vests,” says Motlhabane. While the MEC was making analysis, departmental officials examined the daily of the overall compliance of the station. At the station’s Community Service Centre (CSC), an officer on duty was attending to a few community members who came to lay charges and complaints.

Officers on duty expressed their concerns on lack of resources prohibiting them from executing their jobs efficiently. The shift on duty only had two vehicles which are not enough for the station that serves more than 32 scattered villages. In his address to the officers on duty, MEC Motlhabane encouraged them to wear their bullet vests at all times to ensure their safety. “The bullet vests are designed for your own protection. Therefore you must always be ready for anything that can happen,” he said. Meanwhile, at the Sun City Police Station, the visit was shortened when MEC and the team found officers on duty standing outside the station as a result of load shedding.

“The situation here exposes the dire need of resources on our police stations,” said the concerned MEC, who immediately contacted the Cluster Commander regarding the matter. Motlhabane said police stations should be resourced with backup generators to ensure that communities always receive services. “When there is no electricity at the station, it simply means that police are not accessible nor can help communities who might be in need of assistance,” he said.

However, MEC expressed his gratitude to the officers for remaining on duty despite being faced with challenges on lack of resources. Motlhabane said his department will continue monitoring the performance of police stations across the Province and encouraged police officers to continue working hard with commitment to ensure safety of the people.


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