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17 April 2019
North West MEC for Community Safety and Transport Management Dr Motlhabane Receives a Memorandum During a Protest March Against Crime and Gangsterism In Kanana, Orkney

The community of Kanana Township near Orkney embarked in a massive but peaceful march against crime. This comes after the community felt that 'enough is enough' and that they no longer want to live in fear for their lives. This is due to the escalating level of crime particularly gangsterism that is rife and worsening on daily basis.

Young people, women and children are terrorized, raped and murdered by gang members without fearing arrest by police. Houses are broken into, others are torched ransacked and goods are taken by these groups through knife and gun pointing from residents.

''As the community, we feel let down by the Police. They are not responding quickly to the call of the community to arrest criminals. The situation need to be normalised. Criminals should not be allowed to take over our township. But they are taking advantage of the police passiveness. People are attacked and stabbed, the death toll rises. Innocent community members are victims and live in fear. Something must happen". Said one angry community member.

The March leadership painted the picture quite clearly and said. "Freedom of movement as enshrined in the Bill of rights is limited in Kanana township. We don't enjoy it. There are sectional boundaries that are created by these gang groups. People are, mugged, robbed and stabbed on their way to nearby tuckshops on daily basis. Learners are subjected to horrendous incidents after school whereby a person can be butchered day-light. Young boys are forced to join as members of the gangs. Many tended to abuse of drugs and alcohol. The youngsters also dropping out of school and become hardened criminals. Taverns are operating freely throughout the day and night and even worse they are situated just outside the school yard, day care centres and churches parameters. Clinics are no longer operating at night because nurses are not feeling safe. The situation is not getting any better instead, but it is deteriorating. Sadly, people who are in dire need of medical attention lose their lives as they can't be attended to".

MEC Motlhabane in his response to the memorandum reiterated that he appreciates the proactive action taken by community of Kanana and emphasized. "We can only succeed in fighting crime if we do it together as a community and government. Gangsterism is a big problem that we must confront without fear nor favour. Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele was recently in the Province officially opening Mareetsane Police and in his address committed that 'he will do his best to expand the unit that deals with gangsterism' because he has realised that gangsterism is rife and increasing at an alarming rate in the North West Province. Gang activities needs to be curbed particularly in Kanana, Stillfontein, Jouberton, Bloemhof and other areas in the Province. Gangsterism erodes our social fabric and make up as a community. It disturbs the peace, neighbourliness and co-existence of people in the same location. Sadly, this phenomenon occurs widely among the youth in our country hence it must be nipped in the bud. If we cannot do that now, generations to come, there will be no youth and there will be no law. You as the community, I urge you to work hand in gloves with the Police. Open cases, bring evidence and do not harbour criminals in your homes, as they run away from the police". Concluded a disturbed MEC Mokgantshang Motlhabane.

MEC Motlhabane swore that government cannot allow communities to be gripped by fear and terror from unruly gangsters roaming the streets. He also committed that as Easter weekend approaches, Police will be visible in the streets of the township. Patrols will be intensified to ensure that people have a peaceful Easter celebration weekend.

At the end, MEC Motlhabane thanked the Kanana community for an exemplary peaceful protest action as well as wished them a blessed, pleasant, crime and accident free Easter holiday season.


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