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23 October 2018
MEC Motlhabane Inducts Kalahari Rally Bike and Off-road Trucks Racing, as Mahikeng's Own Dakar Rally

North West Province's capital city, Mahikeng was colourful and reverting from the 13th to the 19th October 2018 with off-road and dessert biker and vehicles sports competition fanatics. The Kalahari Rally revellers had converged in town drawn from the rest of South Africa, African countries and internationally. Participants from countries such as the United Kingdom, Botswana, Netherlands, Australia, Holland and Thailand had descended to the small town, for their sporting races, an equivalence of the world renowned Dakar Rally..

The Department of Community Safety and Transport Management MEC Dr. Mpho Motlhabane welcomed the partnership of the Kalahari Rally with both hands. He predicted that the week-long race would boost the economy of the capital city and by extension, that of the Province. He enthused that the community will get the opportunity to experience this sporting activity live and first hand.

MEC Motlhabane further mentioned that the Kalahari Rally came at the time when the Department is busy with the annual October Transport Month (OTM). The friendly road safety campaign and the precursor to Year End Festive Operations. During this time the focus of the department is to promote the usage of non-motorised transportation and the usage of public transport. During this period, the MEC embarks on campaigns educating motorist, passengers and road users, generally. He encourages and advocates for road safety. Decongestion of roads leads to reduction of accidents and this has a positive impetus in contributing to growing the economy.

"Let us all realise that road safety is a collective responsibility. Common causes of road accidents relates to; human error, un-roadworthy vehicles, excessive speeding, drinking and driving, general disregard for traffic rules and regulations. Let us recommit ourselves to changing the mind-set of our drivers, passengers and pedestrians at large. And that change, starts with each and every one of us, individually and as a collective we can put a stop to the road carnages that are escalating on daily basis". Said Motlhabane.

Lastly the MEC Motlhabane thanked all the participants for adhering to road safety measures during the competition. The event was accident free and crime free. MEC congratulated the winners as they got awarded their stripes, adornments, trophies and medals.

"The Mahikeng chapter of the competition should become a highlight of your racing history that you will forever cherish. It will surely be the day that will be recorded in the history of this sporting code that each of the winner, have won their 2018 Kalahari Rally competition in South Africa. Particularly in the North West Province Capital City, Mahikeng. And to those who did not make it competition is not all about winning or losing, it's about hard work and about having fun too. I call on you to make Mahikeng your permanent Kalahari Rally racing sport home". Concluded Motlhabane.


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