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11 March 2019
MEC Motlhabane Calls for Calm as Tensions Flared after 2 Extension 38 Kids were Found Drowned in a House Swimming Pool in Imperial Reserve

MEC Motlhabane calls for calm as tensions flared up due to the discovery of bodies of two ten years old boys from Extension 38. The boys had been reported missing since recently allegedly after being abducted at a nearby playing field. They were, sadly, found drowned at a house swimming pool in Imperial Reserves, Mahikeng.

Last night, 07/03/2019, the Mahikeng Police had to intervene and monitor the simmering tensions and ward off community members who were up in arms and threatening to burn down the house were the kids bodies were discovered.

"Our communities must be careful, not jump into conclusions when dealing with matters of this nature. We must avoid taking the law into their own hands but allow the police to do their work. We should remain calm and allow the police to investigate and establish the facts", warned MEC Motlhabane.
"Society must be careful of making social media posts and comments that are careless, sensational and meant to fuel tensions. We must await official police inquest report as well as post mortem report by forensic unit. These will help us to establish the cause of death as well as advice of any act of negligence or criminality that needs pursuing". Continued MEC Motlhabane.
Meanwhile, reports from Mahikeng SAPS reflects that both the were actually earlier playing in the nearby sporting ground. Subsequently they went to swim at a house were the kids around Imperial Reserves area normally swim. The kids unfortunately drowned in this swimming pool.

And for the record, the preliminary forensic report does not point to any body parts missing. The K9, dog unit searched the house and did not discover any trace of drugs in and around the house. The house is occupied by a coloured family and kids from the area often go there for a swim in the pool. Police are following all leads and anyone with more some information is called upon to shed some light. But until then, no foul play has been discovered, although investigations are still ongoing.

The Premier visited the families to personally express his and government message of condolence to the families. He also took the opportunity to hand over government intervention packages to both families.

Both MEC Motlhabane and Premier Mokgoro used the opportunity to address throngs us residents and community members who had gathered at Extension 38.

They community took turn to raise their frustrations and concerns against crime, service delivery and joblessness. Their rage against suspicious houses, especially those occupied by foreign nationals was raised sharply.

Government and community members committed; to follow up the inquest case and cause SAPS investigation to be expedited and concluded. Feedback to the community members will be done on an ongoing basis. Families would also be supported during this trying times. The community will allow the law to take its course, allow the families time to mourn and await feedback as promised

Although all signs of last night's unrest in the area were still visible as stones, debris of burnt tyres and road blockades were still on the road, the township was relatively calm and back to normal.

The house where the kids drowned has since been cleared of by the police and the Premier and his entourage did visit it too. MEC Motlhabane and Premier Mokgoro were accompanied by MEC Mochwari, MEC Gaolaolwe, Mahikeng Municipal Mayor, Cllr Diakanyo, District Municipality MMC, Councillor, SAPS Cluster Commander, Major General Mmolawa and Pastor Tlhabanyane amongst others.


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