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30 June 2020


The MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari met the North West Provincial Entity Regulator (PRE) for the public transport. The key responsibilities of Board comprising seven members among others include adjudication of new operating licenses, monitoring of public transport (busses and taxis) in the Province, holding enquiries defrauding operators, perform route alignment in the event of a conflict and rationalize public transport in the Province

The MEC said the entity’s responsibilities is being made much more difficult by the Covid-19 pandemic.

T“Transport is key as it enables people to go about their daily routines but may also be a transport for the Covid-19 pandemic”, said the MEC.

The Department is finalising the appointment of the transport task team which will intervene in all sector related conflicts. They will work hand in hand with PRE.

“Avoid the temptation of any wrong doing. At times it’s easier to do wrong and the more you do it the more you are unable to discern between wrong and right”, implored the MEC.

Members of the PRE Board are Mr Peter Gobusamang Moholo (chair), Ms Ontlametse Mochware ( deputy chair), Mr Bafana Chenepe, Ms Dineo Ditlhareng, Ms Tebogo Molapo, Mr Vincent Mogopodi and Mr Agrippa Modiba.

Acting Head of the Department, Mr Molefi Morule emphasised that the climb of the responsibility will be steep but the task fulfilling.

“As there are many challenges facing you, it is important to reflect on what the legislation guides you to do. This will be a journey full of tribulations. But it will also be an enjoyable journey. How it will be enjoyed will be determined by the traveller. In other words your attitude is key to whatever shall be facing you”.

The MEC’s meeting with the board comes as most operators chose to ignore operational guidelines of loading 70% of the vehicle’s capacity. This is not lost on PRE chairperson, Peter Moholo.

“We will continue to implore on the operators to do what is right which is to comply with the laws of the country. We dealt with over 3000 cases since last year. We are grateful that all those have been amicably resolved”, said Mr Moholo.

MEC pleaded with the PRE Board to be cognitive of temptations that come with the job. He said it’s reassuring that the board comprises debonaire men and women who include former MEC.


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