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12 June 2019
MEC Lehari's Approach is; From Heel to Wheels, From Corporate to Operations, From Office to Impactful Service Delivery - No time to Waist but Offer Service to the People

The Department of Community Safety and Transport Management MEC, Honourable Jonas Selle Lehari's track record speaks for itself. He is not an office person nor a long speech or political quotation MEC. All he ever does is to be on the ground, working for the betterment of the lives of the ordinary people.

"I am a teacher by profession and was an MEC for Education recently. Therefore, school children are very close to my heart. As an MEC for Education and Sport Development I used to talk about the importance of learning and education. I also emphasised the need for kids to be given a chance to play sport as well as participate in extra mural activities. Of preparing a future generation for the challenges ahead in their lives. My mandate has since changed from leading Education portfolio. I am the MEC for Community Safety and Transport

Management and I now emphasise the importance of Safety of our Communities in general including the safety of the school children. I also emphasise the need for planning of, provision of and improvement of transportation, not only as a measures to enhance service delivery but also as a catalyst for economic activity and advancement. Surely Safety and Transport is my priority." Retorted MEC Lehari

In a period of a fortnight since the MEC's appointment on the 29th May 2019, MEC Lehari has had to juggle around his chores and adjust from being doing a handover and receiving a handover debriefing. He had to almost immediately start reporting at his new office, attend mandatory Legislature induction workshops. Whilst on the other hand had to convene meeting of the departmental management committee and have one-on-one session with each departmental program respectively. But also schedule meetings with key stakeholders of the department.

Meanwhile, the taxi industry simmers with ongoing tensions and conflict, the scholar bus transport continue to be bedevilled with challenges of accidents, threats of withdrawal of services and delays in payment of service providers. Walk-ins, at his office, by communities, groups and individual demanding time and space to engage the MEC has been sporadic and uncensored.

MEC Lehari has on record already met North West SAPS Provincial Commissioner, Lt General Baile Motswenyane. Met twice with the embattled Northwest Transport Investment Group Chief Operating Officer, Ms Bukeka Mahlutshana too. Paid a working visit to Premier and Treasury department to raise NTI frustrations. Intervened on Mmabatho taxi conflicts due to North West University student buses, summoned taxi permits and licensing units and traffic officials to intervene after the N18 was blockaded and communities left stranded at Makhubung village in Mahikeng.

"My work schedule has been interrupted and had to be adjusted in order for me to acclimatise with the new mandate, new department and new work environment. I had to organise 'meet and greet' sessions with management as well as ensure that my employer, The Premier and the voters themselves do get my audience from time to time. And since on annual basis, thousands of South Africans die on our roads, I have had to keep my pulse on that from too. Most of these deaths and injuries are preventable and all we need to do is to increase road safety awareness, increase visibility of police and traffic officers and ensure that we respond to the need for intervention at every community regardless of their distance from government services". Concluded MEC sello Lehari.

This Friday, 14th June 2019 MEC will officiate his first ever Road safety School Debate activity of the department hosted in conjunction with the department of Education. It will surely feel like home coming as his passion for education will be re-lived. This is a befitting departmental Youth Day Celebration program.
MEC Lehari's tenure in the department will be tri-focused; MEC's Working Sessions, MEC Led Operations and 'Re Bona Ka Matlho' programs. These will certainly ensure that MEC does not stay in the office, wearing suits but is on the ground more, impacting positively on the lives of the ordinary people.


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