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29 April 2020

MEC Lehari concerned about non-compliance in rural villages

Leading the distribution of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) in the Kagisano-Molopo and Mamusa Municipalities respectively, the North West MEC for Department of Community Safety and Transport Management Sello Lehari raised a concern on non-compliance rate regarding lockdown regulations of communities in villages.

Lehari said there is a need to strengthen law enforcement to ensure that people in villages to comply as they seem to be ignorant to regulations because they think they are immune.

“Generally there is noncompliance to COVID-19 lockdown regulations in villages because people may be thinking that they are far from towns and they are immune from infection. This is wrong, all of us must comply and be safe,” said the disturbed Lehari.

MEC decried the lack of physical distancing among shoppers and commuters in general as quite disturbing.

The Kagisano-Molopo Mayor, Cllr Segomotso Mere encouraged public transport operators to comply and ensure that they maintain social distancing at the ranks and further the 70% of loading capacity of their loading vehicles.

MEC Lehari and Mayor Mere accompanied by the Ganyesa Police Station Commander Lieutenant Colonel Batshameki took a COVID-19 compliance inspection tour to the nearby shopping complex where they observed the high rate of noncompliance.

Shoppers were continuously encouraged to keep social distancing, regularly wash their hands, wear gloves and face masks.

Meanwhile, the Mamusa Local Municipality Mayor, Dr Gotsilekgosi Batsi appreciated the Department’s intervention by handing over PPE’s to public transport operators with an objective of reducing the spread of COVID-19.

He emphasized that operators must set aside their differences at this stage and focus on the fight against the invisible killer virus.

The SANTACO Provincial Taxi Council representative Mr Velakhe Naphakade pleaded with taxi operators not to increase taxi fares as they shall be compensated by government for loss of income.

He also reminded operators that it is in their interests to comply with the operational hours and align themselves with lockdown restrictions.


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