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13 July 2021

MEC Lehari applauds NW community for non-looting

North West MEC for the department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari has applauded the residents of Mahikeng and the Province at large for protecting assets and business against looting.

This came after the MEC visited the three police stations, Mahikeng, Mmabatho and Lomanyaneng, respectively.

In the three stations there were no major cases reported, expect two minor incidents where a foreign owned tuckshop was robbed and a foreign national was attacked while moving stock from his tuckshop for safety.

Both cases where reported immediately at the Mmabatho police station and are under investigation.

MEC Lehari applauded the police and communities for working together in ensuring non-looting of businesses and protection of properties.

"We really thank the communities of Mahikeng and the Province at large for protecting properties and businesses.

"So far there are no major cases reported in the Province. If we can try to keep the situation like this," said MEC Lehari, who emphasised that crime can be defeated if communities can continue working with police.

"Our communities have realized the importance of working with police. They must be our eyes and ears on the ground to fight against crime."

MEC said this should be taken as a pilot to improve relations between communities and the police.

"Our communities are well organised this time and we will continue working with them to ensure that looters don't have space in the Province.

"However, we don't have to relax because the situation is still volatile. We’d rather double the efforts. We can’t wait then act later.” the MEC concluded.

The police are monitoring the situation with more visible policing and have further activated all Community Policing Forums (CFP's), in all communities and townships.


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