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26 July 2021

MEC Lehahi closes Zeerust retail store for COVID-19 non-compliance

One retail store in Zeerust was forced to close for failing to adhere to some aspects of the Covid 19 regulations. The said store lost continuity of business for about 30minutes whilst putting of compliance in place.

On his arrival at the store, MEC Lehari raised concern before entering the store following a number of people who were queueing to enter without practicing social distancing.

MEC immediately engaged shoppers and pleaded with them to adhere to social distancing and those who didn't have their masks on to wear them.

At the main entrance of the store, there were no COVID-19 compliance signs and the retail store was not complying on the number of people inside as per shop capacity.

Accompanied by the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality Mayor Cllr Lerato Selebogo, Ngaka Modiri Molema District Commissioner on Visible Policing Brigadier Mamotsamai Ntoagae, and the Zeerust Police Station Commander Colonel Dipuo Mabaakanye, MEC Lehari instructed the store management to close shop and implement required regulations.

"The State President was just addressing the nation yesterday and pleaded to all of us to comply. His message was very clear and specific to compliance especially on non gathering and number of people indoors and outdoors."

"He was very loud and clear that we must not exceed the 50% of the venue capacity and that also speaks to retail stores. The management must know their shop capacity, calculate the number of staff on duty and determine the number of clients who can enter the shop and start putting measures in place," said MEC Lehari who waited inside the store while it was closed for management to put compliance measures in place.

"Now we had to plead that people outside observe social distancing, yet the shop management didn't make proper markings as required by regulations."

It is reported that the store was previously fined for non compliance on the same COVID-19 regulations.

The departmental MEC further raised a serious concern on general behaviour of people on COVID-19 regulations.

"It concerns me when even big retails don't ensure that they put measures in place. COVID-19 still exists and people must comply without being reminded because this is about every citizen's life," said the concerned Lehari.

MEC started the day with the joint law enforcement operation where he engaged with motorists and checked compliance.

MEC will continue to round-off the Province in towns, townships, villages, malls and public transport ranks to monitor compliance on COVID-19 regulations.


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