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21 August 2020


The MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari accompanied by senior management of the department met bus operators in Koster. The meeting should have taken place earlier in the year but plans were disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting was cordial and focused and the MEC committed that these interactions should be periodical.

“We are going to have another meeting next month, meaning in two weeks time, and it would be attended by all in the transportation business”, said MEC Lehari.

MEC also implored the Transport sector to expedite transformation within the industry.

“We must have a tangible plan of transformation in the next three months. It cannot be correct that after 26 years of democracy we are still talking transformation. It should have long been implemented, and we should ensure it gets done”, emphasises MEC Lehari.

Operators wanted to know if they too could also be assisted with personal protective equipment (PPEs) as the department did with taxi operators. Officials accompanying MEC indicated that the PPE's distributed earlier on were received from the National Department of Transport and was specifically donated for and to taxi operators.

Earlier in the year, there were reported conflicts between taxi operators and bus operators in the Bojanala district especially in Brits. Hence MEC Lehari also use this successful engagement to encourage all in the Transport industry to work together rather than against each other.


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