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28 August 2020


The MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari applauded the senior women law enforcement officers for brilliantly planning the operation on N4 as the country marks an end of Women’s Month.

The joint law enforcement operation comprised the South African National Defense Force, SANDF, the South African Police Service, SAPS, National Traffic Police and the North West Provincial Traffic. MEC Lehari said this show of force is what is needed to ensure compliance on the roads.

“What is impressive about this operation is that it was planned, executed and fully operated by women”, said MEC Lehari.

The ”Phenomenal Women in Action” operation on N4 included an unannounced visit by MEC Lehari to Mooinooi Police Station near Rustenburg. The station services mining area in the vicinity. The station comprising 121 staff members had already been closed four times due Covid cases.
The operation also saw the donation of 350 packs of sanitary towels, sanitizers and masks to Polonia Primary school in Mmakau village in the Madibeng municipality.

The operation targeted speed violation, overloading, drunken driving and all other traffic infringements. During the operation that began at 05:00, 340 vehicles were stopped and searched.

90 fines were issued for variety of offenses amounting to about R45 000. Six pedestrians were arrested for unlawfully crossing N4 near Majakaneng.

MEC Lehari lauded the plan as mindset changing operation.

“It’s really heart warming to see women’s doubtless ability being typified this way. We applaud our officers for this well thought plan”, said MEC Lehari.

Similar operations led by women are being planned throughout the Province for Monday being the last day of the Women’s Month. The operations will be jointly manned by SANDF, SAPS, Provincial Traffic, Immigration and Customs.


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