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26 August 2020


MAHIKENG,The MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari is in the process of establishing North West Public Transport Invention Team (NWPTIT). The purpose of the Team is assist to in addressing and handling transport related challenges that among others include taxi violence.

Key responsibilities of the NWPTIT shall include but not limited to investigating any wrong doing/allegation that is levelled against any person including government officials regarding taxi conflicts in the Province. It may embark upon awareness campaigns for purposes of preventing taxi conflicts, monitor transport situations in the public transport industry and identify and monitor all routes that are affected by taxi conflicts in the Province;

The team will also interact with all relevant stakeholders in the industry including Provincial Taxi Councils, Regional Taxi Councils, primary associations and Municipal officials in relation to Taxi conflicts;

The NWPTIT comprises of twelve members that include two former MEC's and two former mayors. All of them have the experience needed for the task ahead. The team shall in the process play a role of a mediator in relation to the resolution of conflicts in the public transport industry.
They are expected to be craft and submit reports to the MEC with clear recommendations regarding appropriate action to be undertaken in order to stabilize the transport industry in the Province.


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MEC Sello Lehari

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