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07 May 2020


The Department of Community Safety and Transport Management is pleased to announce that after a long and arduous battle to safe National Transport Investment, NTI, the process is finally over. The Mahikeng High Court has ruled that the entity should not be liquidated as demanded by the creditors.

MEC Sello Lehari summed up the mood of senior management of the Department.

“We did what we had to do as we never had any doubt that NTI is a critical component of the Department. I’m happy about the outcome of the Court and the work done by the team led by Administrator Ntate Mathabatha Mokonyama. EXCO will thereafter give guidance on what we need to do going forward”.

The MEC will brief the Minister, the Premier, the Provincial Executive Council, EXCO and the employees of NTI as well as the unions soon.

“Many didn’t think NTI is rescuable but we had always been optimistic given the critical role the entity plays in the economy of the Province”, said MEC Lehari.

The team led by Administrator Mathabatha Mokonyama, burnt midnight oil to ensure NTI is saved. However MEC Lehari cautioned that the road ahead is still steep.

“We need to put NTI back to its former glory by among others, strengthening internal controls, inculcate prudent financial management and establish a good governance structure. There is a lot of work still to be done.”

After an arduous journey to arrive to where the Department is, the MEC heaved management’s collective sigh of relief.

“We are particularly happy with the outcome of the court process more so as many entities are applying for liquidations and business rescues”.

MEC Lehari said once EXCO has made pronouncements, the department will put in place systems to ensure the pride of the entity is restored.

“We are grateful that this matter has been put to rest. We must put together a team to ensure we have a clear roadmap to resuscitate NTI and operationalise it”.

The Department will after informing all that need to know, go through the process of establishing a team to turn around the NTI. All policies must also be compliant.

“The Department is justifiably grateful that we have successfully completed this task. Once guidance is given by EXCO we will knuckle down”. said MEC Lehari.

On assuming the responsibility of the department last year, MEC Lehari ordered that the NTI matter to be resolved and the entity saved.


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