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08 September 2020


The MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari made an unannounced visit to four police stations in the Moretele Local Municipality.

These early morning tour by MEC Lehari began at Cyferskuil police station. The Station has a total of 37 staff members policing 14 surrounding villages. Several challenges that the station experiences include lack of resources.

The next station was Bedwang police station which services 22 villages. At this station, the MEC was informed of several challenges including staff shortages. On arrival of the MEC around 10:00, the staff that was working since 18:00, the day before, was still on duty. They didn’t have a relief shift, or stand-bys as some members had called-off sick. And as these are mostly rural police stations, their vehicles’ life span is short due to bad roads they have to travel on.

From then the MEC then went to a much bigger but equally under resourced Makapanstad Police Station which had so far recorded one COVID case. The affected officer has fully recovered and is back at work.
MEC Lehari committed to escalate challenges faced by all these three important law enforcement service points with relevant authorities.

“The cornerstone of any democracy is safety. All other rights and liberties cannot be enjoyed whilst living in fear. So we must do all we can to ensure our communities are living in a safe environment”, said MEC Lehari.

The MEC thereafter visited the Moeka-Vuma Police Station. The station construction has been completed but the precinct couldn't be utilised in the last five years. MEC Lehari promised to engage with the NW SAPS Provincial Commissioner whom he will meet soon.

The Department MEC further led the process of fumigating the taxi rank, traffic and police stations.

“I will engage the Provincial Commissioner whom I’m hoping will come down here with me next month. In the meantime we will explore if there could be a possibility of a mobile satellite police station wheeled here to provide the necessary services, including reaching out to the neighbouring villages on a rotational basis”, said MEC Lehari.

Meanwhile, the MEC also visited the Moretele Vehicle Registering Authority which has not been operational in the last two months. He expressed dissatisfaction with this turn of events but promised to support the municipality in ensuring the traffic station resumes its mandate of providing services which include testing for learner's and driving licenses as well as registering and renewing vehicle license discs.

MEC said such visits should be regular to ensure that police and traffic stations in rural areas, too, continue being full service stations.

Accompanying MEC in all police stations visits in Moretele were Local Municipality representative, Mr Jack Ramorei who appreciated MEC Lehari and Department's continuous efforts to improve relations between communities and the police.

"The Municipality is always grateful at the close working relationship we enjoy with all police stations that are servicing villages within our jurisdictions", emphasised a visibly upbeat Mr Ramorei, who is the Acting Manager for Transport and Community Safety at the Moretele Local Municipality.


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