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29 May 2019
MEC Dr. Motlhabane Calls for 'Ploughing Back to Poor Communities' as he Addresses the Illustrious 2019 North West University Alumni Reunion Gala Dinner

The former UNIBO Students Committee, under the chairpersonship of Mr. Aobakwe Ditshetelo hosted a North West University Alumni Convocation over the last weekend at Leopard Park Golf Course. This occasion is particularly organised in order to bring together all former students who have obtained a degree or a diploma from the institution. The former and current University Council members, management, university staff, student bodies and students in particular converge on such an occasion.

The purpose of the Convocation is to re-unite the university students, staff and council. To safeguard the image, traditions and objective of the North West University. To form an interlink between former and present generation of the university. To strengthen the work of the university and recognise the university's contribution to society in general. To give credit to those who continues to make the university proud through their selfless services. And to jointly encourage engaging in social responsibility drives in our various sectors and walks of life. The forge a better working relationship with the university Council, Management, Student bodies and the Alumni Association.

The Director Stakeholder Relations Mr Warren Makgowe who welcomed former university students and staff in his remarks reminded alumni's that North West University is the second largest University in the Country after the University of South Africa. He said that means the University contributes greatly to the economic growth of the Province and to the republic generally.

North West MEC for Community Safety and Transport Management Dr, Mokgantshang Motlhabane who graced the occasion in his address said; "I am delighted to have been a student here. It feels like home-coming to see the multitude of former students. However, the event must not only be used for re-union sake or be used celebrate the achievement attained by us as former students and graduates from this university. It must become an occasion whereby as former student we demonstrate our compassion, humanity, social responsibility and show our citizenry. These type of gatherings better be used to show that we care; we belong with and live amongst our communities. Better be used to share and shed what we can for the benefit of the disadvantaged people of this province".

He quoted the infamous 1961John F. Kennedy inaugural speech who once said; “'And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country'. I can assure you that the Government of the Republic will continue to give priority to education. The University must rise up to the challenges facing society and prepare student to craft solutions to such challenges. At this present conjuncture we should not be seeing service delivery protests wherein public and private properties are torched. Criminality and corruption must be weeded out completely. Active citizenship must be cultivated and inculcated through higher education which is revolutionary in character and curriculum".

This home-returning event started off with arrival and registrations of Friday. Saturday was more packed as former students embarked on 10 KM fun-walk, followed by a golf challenge, then proceeded on a rigorous campus tour. The day's activities were closed-off with a more formal gala dinner festivity and networking sessions. Over Two Hundred and Fifty (250) former students were in attendance, most of who belong to the first decade of the then University of Bophuthatswana, UNIBO as it was commonly called, i.e. from 1980-1990.

As a way to enhance humility, free- giving and caring, the alumni's raised over 200 pairs of school shoes, over 50 boxes of sanitary towels and hundreds of toiletry items collectively. These items were donated, on the last day, Sunday, to learners from Kagiso-Barolong High, a school located in the deep rural village of Mokgobistadt within the Ratlou Municipality.

“It feels like home-coming to see the multitude of former students. The mood, the people, the comfort, the attention, the smell of good thing to come. It's a far cry from the time when we were 1st year students, raw, timid, unsure, 1st timers. We are now grown-ups, we have matured and developed. We have advanced in life and occupy an important section of life as workers, academics, economists, politicians, lawyers, teachers, business people, and so forth,” Concluded Dr. Motlhabane as he reiterated NWU Alumni Association Chairperson, Mr Ditshetelo's mantra of 'ploughing back to our communities as individuals and collectively'

Luminaries such as Professor Sonia Swanepoel also attended and addressed the reunion function on behalf of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) Professor Marilyn Setlalentoa.


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