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16 July 2019

MEC Lehari Is Satisfied, Scholar Transport Provisioning Continued on the July 2019 School Reopening With Little Hiccups Reportedly Experience

Meanwhile North West Premier, Honourable Professor Job Mokgoro Promises Decisive Action Against Allegation of Scholar Transport as He Cracks the Whip.

As part of our concerted effort to root out corruption Prof Mokgoro assured his State of the Province Address, (SOPA) listeners that: "there are going to be repercussions. Mark my word. We are going to crack the whip. We are aggressively going to be decisive in the interest of service delivery; we are not going to be intimidated while our only interest is to provide a better life for our people. We had previously reported that the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, known as the Hawks, were investigating 46 cases in the North West Provincial Government and that the Special Investigations Unit was dealing with 44 cases".

There are ongoing investigations into the Scholar Transport contracts and the Special Investigations Unit, SIU), is at a very advanced stage. Three (3) criminal cases having been handed over to the NPA for prosecution. Five (5) other cases of officials implicated in wrong doing have been handed to relevant departments to institute disciplinary action against those individuals.

"As part of our concerted efforts to clean scholar transport, we have completed the verification and definition of the routes; with accurate kilometres. But over and above that, we are moving with speed to adjust the payment system to be in line with the correct kilometres, going forward. In addition, during the course of the 6th Administration, the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management will have to look at means to set aside the current scholar transport tender, and replace it with a modernized, more efficient, more reliable and cost effective system". Retorted Premier Prof Mokgoro.

Premier Mokgoro insisted that he is expecting a comprehensive report from MEC Sello Lehari at the end of the 2019, July month.

MEC Lehari has, meanwhile, expressed satisfaction that the second half of the school calendar reopened on Tuesday, 9th July 2019 without much challenges as 99% of scholar bus transportation managed to pick up learners as expected and ferry them to schools in various farming communities, villages and townships.

Much of the problems encountered where normal hiccups relating to late pick up by bus drivers, overloading of busses as one instead of two busses arrived to pick learners. Whilst at the same time there are several cases of contracted service providers sending notice of termination of service without giving the department sufficient notice period as expected.

Some of the reasons advanced for immediate termination of service are vandalised or damages buses due to community unrests, bad roads infrastructure and bus un-roadworthiness.

"Very few still cites non payment of services by the department as a reason they often contemplate terminating services, as it were. But on such occasions the department works around the clock to ensure that such payments are effected in order to avoid disadvantaging a service provider who would have to dig deep in his dry pockets to buy diesel, maintain and service the bus as well as pay the driver. Recently, as the new MEC in the department of Community safety and Transport I had an introductory meeting with the South African National Small Bus

Operators Council (SANSBOC)of North West. In the meeting I impressed upon the Council to work with me, set aside date for our regular meetings and that the Council Provincial Secretary and the departmental Head of the Department as well as the Administrator to will have to work to ensure resolutions to challenges reported." Said MEC Lehari.


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