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20 June 2021


The MEC for the department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari is heartbroken at the loss of lives on the N4 road.

This is following a head-on collision that took place in the afternoon of Wednesday, 16 June 2021. A male and a pregnant female, who are siblings were travelling in a Ford Light Delivery Vehicle (LDV van) from Lehurutshe Hospital to Dinokana village and 3 males in a Nissan Tiida Sedan driving in the opposite direction, died at the scene of the accident. MEC Lehari sent his heartfelt message to the families.

“This is tragic. It is honestly sad that these families, whilst they are awaiting the safe return of their members, will instead be met with sorrowful news of their suden departure.” said MEC Lehari.

Meanwhile, the MEC pleaded with road users to be extra careful.

“Motorists, please remember that when on the road, you are not only driving your car but also the one in front of you and another one behind you. I therefore urge that you proceed with caution; obey all the rules of the road and ensure your own safety and that of others.” Lehari said.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene of the accident immediately after being alerted.

It is understood that Community members are threatening to close the road after the removal of the deceased persons, however, law enforcement officers are on standby to diffuse the situation, if any may arise.


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