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29 July 2019

MEC Lehari's Department Commends Traffic Officer, PI Olaotse Christopher Ditibane The Exemplary Conduct and Resisting Bribery From a Motorist

MEC Lehari's in his budget speech expressed his high regard to traffic officer, Provincial Inspector, PI Olaotse Christopher Ditibane and PI Ontiretse Mogokonyane for their exemplary conduct recently demonstrated when they firmly resisted bribery from a motorist.

PI Olaotse Christopher Ditibane is stationed at Brits Traffic Station and he has recently outsmarted a corrupter who tried to bribe him and his colleague whilst they were on duty.

"One of the core responsibilities of this Department is to ensure visibility of Traffic Officer. We are however, still faced with a challenge of those members of the Public who tempt our Traffic Officers. I must however report that we have committed men and women in beige". Said MEC.

Right here with us, is Provincial Inspector PI Olaotse Christopher Ditibane, from Borakallo Village in Lehurutshe. He is stationed at Brits Traffic Station. This young traffic officer is continuing to respond positively to the Departmental call of 'saying no to Bribery'.

Recently, a Mr. Patrick O'Leary of Fleetwatch spotted two Traffic Officers on duty between R564 and R511 at around 21H00. And these were PI Christopher Ditibane and PI Ontiretse Mogokonyane who stopped a vehicle overloaded with plastic recycling materials.

Mr. Ditibane together with his Colleagues also conducted themselves professionally throughout their interactions with the Driver of the Vehicle who tried to bribe them with KFC.

"Let me acknowledge and express words of gratitude to PI Ditibane who is here with us in the gallery as I speak. I believe that Officer Ditibane truly deserves to be congratulated and rewarded for providing the best public service and support well beyond expectations. He truly epitomises what is good about this country especially in this day and age when Public Service is under so much scrutiny". Concluded MEC Lehari in concurrence to Mr. Raymond Ramokoka's congratulatory statement.


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