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29 July 2019

Lehari Envisages that Crime Prevention Summit Will Afford Stakeholders to Craft Effective Ways and Means to Fight Crime in the North West Province

North West Department of Community Safety and Transport Management will host the crime prevention summit to strengthen partnerships with relevant stakeholders to fight crime in the Province.

This was announced by the Departmental, Sello Lehari during his budget speech at the North West Provincial Legislature.

“In addressing the challenges of substance abuse, gangsterism and gender based violence, we will enhance efforts and strengthen partnerships with relevant stakeholders and institutions through hosting a crime prevention summit.

The end product of this summit will be a developed Provincial Strategy for dealing with a number of social ills and criminal activities in communities,” said Lehari.

According to the MEC, the department will further educate and raise awareness in communities regarding Anti Substance Abuse, Gender Based Violence, Anti Gangsterism, Anti property theft as well as Anti Dangerous Weapons and School Safety programme.

For this financial year, the Department has set aside budget to strengthen community structures to capacitate Community Policing Forums (CPF’s) and Community Safety Forums (CSF’s).

“The intention is to enhance their functionality and effectiveness with regular monitoring,” said MEC Lehari, who announced a budget of R1 million for transfers to NPI’s to fight crime in communities and stations.

The MEC further told the Provincial Legislature that his Department will engage with the Police Minister and National Police Commissioner to expand police’s anti-gang in the Province.


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