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05 December 2018
Comply and reach your destination without inconvenience this festive

Motorists travelling on local and national roads in the North West Province are encouraged to comply with the road rules for the sake of reaching their destinations safely and without inconvenience.

In his address during the activation of this year’s Road Safety and Law Enforcement Festive Season, Community Safety and Transport Management MEC, Dr Mpho Motlhabane raised a concern on the high number of incidents and deaths experience on the roads during this period.

“We cannot fold arms and watch our people perishing on the roads due to reckless and selfish individuals.

Our law enforcement officers will show no mercy to all law defaulters on our roads to protect the lives of our innocent citizens,” warned Motlhabane.

The Departmental MEC said, law enforcement operations would be conducted throughout the Province particularly on main routes to prevent vehicle hijacking, cash in transits,human trafficking and detect the transportation of stolen goods, illegal firearms, drugs and the seizures of stolen goods.

MEC further said road safety education will be intensified to promote compliance on the roads.

Motlhabane further encouraged who will be working throughout the season to be principled on daily basis when they are on duty. “There will be those defaulters who will attempt you with bribes and we request that you must not fall to those traps, remain committed and uphold self discipline,” said Motlhabane.

Motorists who will be traveling long distances, are also advised to take a rest every after two hours or 200 km distance of driving ensure that they are fit for driving,eliminate the use of cell phones while driving and further that their vehicles are roadworthy.

Furthermore, more than 18 drivers were arrested in Brits for driving under the influence of alcohol.

“Drunken driving is one of the factors that are contributing highly on the number of incidents and death on our roads, and for this reason, we will never allow any driver to be on our roads while under the influence of alcohol,” reiterated Motlhabane.

During this year’s festive season activation, the Department invited interfaith ministries for prayer session and cleansing of the road, which was conducted at the N4 road next to Majakaneng and Bapong villages.


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